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Friday, June 20, 2008

New Releases, Pt. I

I took time to listen to 15 albums released over the past few weeks (does not include Chinese Democracy or Coldplay). Here's the order in which I'd rank them based on one and only one listen. Let's start at the bottom and work our way up:

Just Plain Awful:

15. Real Close Ones, The M's - The Rockists like the M's so I'll give this another shot but based on one listen I think this album blows. I'm clearly in the minority since The A.V Club gave it an A and Pitchfork gave it a 7.4.

14. Weezer (the Red Album), Weezer - Another disappointment from Cuomo and crew. I still like Weezer though. I may only listen to their first two albums and a smattering of other songs, but I still like them.

I'll come out and say it. They're Overrated:

13. Songs in A&E, Spiritualized - I don't get the big deal with these guys. I've seen rave reviews for the album but I found it decent but not remarkable. Same goes for the new albums by M83 and Cut Copy.

12. Stay Positive, The Hold Steady - Well, I didn't hate it…

I can take it or leave it:

11. This is Ivy League, This is Ivy League - Nice but not enough for me to go back for a second listen. Potsy would enjoy their Belle & Sebastian-esque tunes though.

10. Velocifero, Ladytron - Didn't expect to care for this album. Their last album, Witching Hour, got positive reviews but I thought it was the same old electro-poop. Oops, I mean electro-pop. Whatever. Velocifero is a little meaner, darker, ass kicky-er. Well, except for when they sing in Bulgarian. That song is a tough listen. Verdict: I like it enough to see them in concert again but not enough put it in my listening rotation.

9. Tha Carter III, Lil Wayne - Brilliant album cover, decent album. Not the best rap album on this list.

Part II on Monday...

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G. L. Naut said...

yeah, i actually don't really love real close ones either, to be honest. their previous one, future women, was much better in my opinion.