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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rabbit is the New Wolf

The next couple shows on the Rock Club docket feature Rabbit bands: White Rabbit at the Black Cat and Frightened Rabbit at the Mohawk, both on Thursday night. The recent proliferation of bands using Rabbit in their name (or in their album titles) got me thinking. Is Rabbit the new Wolf? (Jebus that last sentence reads like a Carrie Bradshaw inner monologue).

A few years ago, it seemed that every other band had the name Wolf (or some variation) in its name. Let me know if I left any out:

1. Le Loup (that's French, bitch)
2. Wolf Parade
2. Wolf Eyes
3. We Are Wolves
4. AIDS Wolf
5. Wolf & Cub
6. Tiger Bear Wolf
7. Fox & Wolf
8. Howlin' Wolf
9. Guitar Wolf
10. Wolf
11. Wolfmother
12. Wolf Colonel
13. Woelv
14. Superwolf
15. Patrick Wolf

And let's not forget Los Lobos, Steppenwolf, or even Wolf Trap, all forerunners on the Wolf trend. I also have to acknowledge my buddy Danny Agapito who belonged to the little known but highly influential* band Wolf Cookie.

While there are fewer Rabbit bands right now, the trend is clear. Is this the year of the Rabbit? (Fuck, there's the Carrie Bradshaw voice again)

Rabbit Bands:

1. White Rabbits
2. Frightened Rabbit
3. 7 Year Rabbit Cycle
4. Apple Rabbits
5. Rabbit in Red
6. Rabbit Season
7. Jack Rabbit

Forerunner: Eddie Rabbitt

Rabbit Habits by Man Man
Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis

What does all this mean? Who knows. I'm just pumped Frightened Rabbit is in Austin twice this month. Their new album, The Midnight Organ Fight, is one of my favorite releases of 2008.

* by influential I mean "not influential"


Jimbromski said...

That is a toothy animal.

This post needs a picture of Eddie Rabbitt, and a picture of Winston Wolf.

Jumbo Slice said...

BTW, I was too lazy to add links to all these bands which will no doubt raise questions on whether they really exist.

Anonymous said...

please to add to albums list: Rabbit Songs by Hem.

Also, Potsy's car is a Rabbit. (which, you'll be glad to know, is the top-researched car on gaywheels . com according to the allknowing autoblog.)

Potsy said...

nonsense. everyone knows I drive a car that has no sex appeal for either team. That's what you get when you drive a Chevy.

Jimbromski said...

Potsy's car has a remote starter feature. I can't think of anything more masculine, it allows him to check for car bombs before he goes anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Wolf Cookie lyrics are online at http://www.songmeanings.net/artist.php?aid=137438982943

charlesworth said...

apple rabbits are a really good band- maybe a silly name but who cares if the music good.


Anonymous said...

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