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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

You ever see two friends of yours - friends that you've known separately- get together in inevitable bliss? Me neither. But I've heard that it happens and that when it does, unicorns fart rainbows, and your mailbox is stuffed with $600 checks from the IRS.

Despite the fact that he is in Austin now, Jumboslice takes care of the RC mail bag, and today he passed along the note below. Personally, I'm a WOXY superfan (don't like that new chick in the afternoon just yet), and collectively, we all have a soft spot for local boys, These United States. When the two came together as described below, all rejoiced.

So if you're in England anytime soon, go support DC's finest export, TUS. A side story: on our way to the 9:30 Club last week for the Raconteurs show, Jesse from TUS crossed our path on U Street walking the opposite direction. sacklunch said that if Jumboslice were with us, he'd have gotten all giddy and followed Jesse in the other direction. Aw, Jumboslice.

If you're not going to be in the UK, you can go check them out at the RnRH on Jine 18th before they leave. Just in case they decide to stay.

now entering:
These United States

a musical project
of Washington, DC
Eye, TheseUSApril and May have come and gone. thuderstorms down upon us, then sunny days. much is blooming. a tour overseas, a killer UK festival appearance or two, some serious Facebook-ing for all you kids who're, like, sO-o-o-over TheMySpace, some free songs, too, from our pals at WOXY. how could you still be reading this introduction part here? -- get yrself down into June already, summer pal...

Ask not what your United Kingdom can do for These United States...

Glastonbury Festival
if you look very closely, and a bit into the Future, you can see (t)Us, and our dear pal Vandaveer, and also our old friend Jay-Z, showing the English people of the world what It is All About at Glastonbury Festival 2008.
now, you can't just jump into this kind of Madness all willy-nilly, without a proper plan for how to best rock the peoples' faces off of them. therefore, we announce a Very Special UK Tour...

we would of course be remiss to roll nearly all of the Territory of Greater Brittania without first rocking the faces of those we love most and dearest and closest to home...

Wednesday 18 June - Washington, DC - Rock & Roll Hotel

again, all of the above dates will be with our good friend from France, goes by Vandaveer, (hep on over to his mYspAce, for those of yet un-hepped), and with various and sundry and amazing musical Others, including, tho far from limited to: Centro-matic, The M's, The Gentle Good, The Cedar, Family Machine, Black Velvet Band, The Epstein, Younghusband -- ah, yes, and, last but certainly never the least for it: Jay-Z. respect. see you soon, the Britainpeople!


These United States at WOXY in Cincinnati
WOXY is just a great word to say. and it's an even better place to visit. we went there in early April, at the tail end of our 6-week journey around the country. we were haggard. we were cranky. (see picture above) we were not ready to play music, yet again, for the 35th day in a row. but somehow, through force and through friendliness and through bottles of imported Belgian beer, WOXY coaxed it out of us. and they did it for you. so you could have these Free Songs and Unlimited Radical Banter. thanks go to Joe Long and the whole WOXY gang. say it again. WOXY. what a great word. well done, WOXers...


Jumbo Slice said...

Be sure to listen to the lounge act. It's outstanding (and funny).

I'm not a WOXY Superfan but I am becoming a TUS Superfan. Now, does that mean if I passed Jesse on U St. I'm going to race after him and try to massage his balls? No. Okay, probably not.

rob said...

come for TUS, stay for Centro-matic. it's gonna be a splendid show.

G. L. Naut said...

ditto what rob said. both the m's and centro-matic are awesome.