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Wednesday, September 03, 2008


We are now only 3 weeks away from the big trip to Texas. As the phone prankster Mark Knopfler would say, "I'm getting pretty excited..."

Today's match up is during the 5:30 time slot on Saturday and it pits electro-poppers MGMT up against druggie, trance-rockers Spiritualized.

I bought MGMT's debut CD "Oracular Spectacular" used at CD Cellar right when the song "Time to Pretend" (or "Time to Prevent", if you are Jumbo Slice) starting getting popular. I liked the disc a fair amount though it never really grew on me. Like most CD's I purchase (and most bands I see), it was neither here nor there, a solid B, an 85, or if you like Pitchfork, a 6.8. They opened for Yeasayer on the fabled Black Cat backstage debacle/protest and I have heard they are not bad live. However, due to the popularity of "Time to Pretend", they catapulted from mere backstage openers, to 930 Club headliners (sold-out show, mind you) in about 6 months time. Merely a buzz band? Are they worthy of DCRC's precious time?

Spiritualized is another band that I have enjoyed on CD. Well, to be honest, the only Spiritualized disc I own is "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space", but a fine disc it is. Jimbromski has been enjoying the new one "Songs in A & E" and we dropped the ball on his suggestion to see them at the 930 Club a few months ago (which I heard was a fantastic show, BTW). I just wonder how the live performance will go over during the day in festival atmosphere. Will they still have the reverb and noise, or will it be more of an acoustic, laid-back vibe? Also, Jumbo Slice better do a good job of scoring us some drugs if we are going to fully enjoy this one.


Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head w/ that last sentence :) well, not really. i was at that 9:30 show, right up front, and it worked SO well in the club setting (first time i'd seen spiritualized). i'd be worried how it'd work in that fesitval time slot.

i've heard mixed opinions about MGMT live though, i don't have an informed opinion.

soooo, i say, go w/ spiritualized. grab a handful of PKs on your way in.

Unknown said...

tough one...

Like what I've heard of MGMT. I'll prob go w Spiritualized here, just because I like the last album, and because Ladies & Gentlemen etc etc is so immortal.

What's a "PK"? PromiseKeeper? Penalty kick?

Jimbromski said...

Whoops, that last comment was from me, not Jumbo.

I was signed in under the wrong account, my bad.

Unknown said...

there will be loads of hot and stupid 19yo girls at mgmt and loads of nerdy 38yo dudes at spiritualized. so stick with what ya know, right?

Jumbo Slice said...

Not a huge fan of either band although Time To Pretend is catchy. I guess I'll choose the "atmosphere" of MGMT over Stereolab.

sacklunch said...

I am surprised nobody commented on the "Mark Knopfler" prank call. That thing is a fucking classic.

What are you trying to say? BTW, I am only 37.

Do they hand out free PK's at ACL? If so, I have changed my mind about Texas....

John Foster said...

No brainer - MGMT has two "okay" songs and tons of filler and dresses like that kid you made fun of in 86 for trying to dress like Van Halen gets their duds at Marshalls. Weak stuff.

Spiritualized play like they mean it.

'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

not sure, sacklunch, as i haven't been to ACL. it certainly would make it difficult to keep hatin' texas with every inch of my being! *fingers crossed*

JetAgeEric said...

I was a big Spiritualized fan for many years but, when I finally saw, 'em, I found the show to be too mannered, despite the faithfuly replication of frenzied raveups.

My dad (who I brought with me), intimated that it was not the kind of show one could really enjoy straight. I'm not discouraging y'all--J Spaceman has a lot of goodwill to burn with me--just managing expectations. -E