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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Answer the question Claire

It's Tuesday and time to pick a clip from YouTube to ponder.

This week I've been watching the Olympics quite a bit. I'm on vacation and have some time on my hands, so I've caught up on the on-goings in Beijing. I'm also in Los Angeles, which is why you're getting this after lunch. If you've been watching the Olympics too, no doubt you've seen this ad. But maybe you've been Tivoing everything. So here's this week's clip:

Remember how it used to be all kinds of taboo to sell-out your song for commercials? Now, it's not such a big deal and can be a big get for indie rockers to play the sound track for some product. Remember the Volkswagen ad with Nick Drake? Too bad he was already dead.

But in this case, we see a classic iconic song from Simple Minds ruined by a dying department store. Does JC Penney really think that a "brain...and a criminal...and a basket case...a princess...and an athlete..." all shop at the same store? Puh-leeze. I'll bet the high schoolers in this ad ran to their local American Apparel or H & M as fast as possible after this shot was done, just to get the crappiness off of them.

JC Penney isn't the only one doing this. YAZ - the birth control pill people (not the hall of fame Red Sox) - have hired the Veronicas to de-ball Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It," to sell their drugs. It's even worse than the JCP ad.

While we're talking about classic movies, let me throw in my endorsement of instant-classic "Pineapple Express," which I caught last night. I don't like it when people hype a movie, as I tend to have high expectations and end up disappointed. So all I'll say is go see Pineapple Express. It's the kind of movie that meets high expectations.


sacklunch said...

"high" expectations, huh.
I think I smell what you are stepping in...

That commercial is fucking terrible. The pulled the most annoying moments from that movie and compacted them into a lame ad. I can't stand that stupid-ass dance the guys do on the railing. Ghey.
New Found Glory is the artist responsible for the poor cover of "Don't You Forget About Me".

Potsy said...

New Found Glory sucks eggs.

Anonymous said...

First, the phrase de-balled needs to be used more often. Good one.

As for Pineapple, that's on the to-see list. I figure it's basically a remake of Dazed and Confused, so what can go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Why did they bother to use the authentic old cars from the movie, re-enact certain parts, then throw in random people in the background?! Fools.

It made me want to watch the movie - it did not inspire me to shop at JC Penney.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys all fucking suck. I wish you would eat shit and die.

Jimbromski said...

call the cops, SZ's been abducted and forced to post insults

"wish" we eat shit? a wish is a promise your heart makes.

I'd say "I DEMAND you eat shit, and now"

Anonymous said...

Who is abusing my moniker?! I am outraged!

I, as the REAL Super Zoe, am easily identified by my moral outrage/old-fashioned epithets. I would never use such coarse language as a guest on someone else's site. How gauche.

Potsy said...

"Un-fuck your priorities" is a phrase I'd like to use, too. Perhaps with some authority figure, like Mr. Vernon.

Yes, Pineapple Express should be on everyone's to-see list. I won't say it's better than Dazed & Confused (yet - only time will tell), but I'm already planning on going back for more. It's a gateway movie.