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Friday, August 15, 2008


Jerry Wexler was a big-time record producer who died today at the ripe old age of 91. Maybe not "ripe" so much as "shriveled and fermented," when you're 91.

Wexler is best known for coining the phrase "rhythm and blues." Well done, sir.

I have also invented a few words in my day. I'm most proud of "genitalation," which is when a guy positions himself near a fan or other air source such that the air flow goes up his shorts and serves to cool and ventilate the genitalia. I invented this word when I lived in New York. All the taxis there have a crotch-height AC vent on the center of the partition. It's summer, you're walking around, you're sweating your tits off, you jump in a cab, and you get a blast of cool Arctic air up your shorts. Lovely.

I expect to be lauded as much as this Wexler character upon my death because "genitalation" is at least as good as rhythm and blues.

Wexler: "I turn this knob, and the air, it shoots right up my pant leg."

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