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Friday, August 29, 2008

What the Hell is a Lamprey Eel Anyway?

One of the first bands I discovered after moving to Austin was Loxsly (that's right, I discovered them, like Columbus discovered America). I saw them open for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin back in May. They recently put out a video for "Lamprey Eels", my favorite song off their new EP, Flashlights.

The video reminds me of Potsy and his time in the sleep lab. Also, because he likes to wear his pajamas out in public. Although the video takes a decidedly Jimbromski-esque turn when the bloody hamsters appear. Wait, that sounds like a nasty Richard Gere reference. It's not, I swear. Just watch the video already.


Chip Chanko said...

I think they're the ones with the circular mouth of teeth. Kind of parasitic.

Jumbo Slice said...

I just read they suck the blood of other fish. Nasty little bastards.

I'm glad we got in a little biology/zoology lesson today. Maybe we'll make it a series. Sacklunch can post the video of the monkey forcing a frog give him a BJ.

Anonymous said...

Sacklunch got a BJ from a frog? Wow--this Rock Club really has some benefits!