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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


In round 2 of the weekly series ACL Injuries (see here for more information) we are still working our way through Friday at the Austin City Limits Festival. I am guessing we are all going to see Vampire Weekend in the 2:30 time slot, unless of course anyone is dying to see Jakob Dylan. There isn't much going on around 3:30 so I imagine we will use the down time to relax or perhaps use the (by now overflowing) Port-a-Johns. Then at 4:30 comes the next decision of the day. Do we head over to the WaMu Stage and check out folky M. Ward?

Or, do we get our Eastern European groove thing on at the AT&T stage with Gogol Bordello?

I think in this case a picture says a thousand words. Dude singing on drum, whilst being held in the air by numerous fans vs. introverted folkster with tattered sweater. As much as I like M. Ward on CD, I think the live performance of gypsy-punkers Gogol Bordello will blow him out of the water. Also, the lead singer of Gogol Bordello is named Eugene Hutz. Enough said.

Any objections?


Potsy said...

M. Ward is safe and nice. Not what you need at a rock show. Good thinking.

What the f*ck is this supposed to mean:
"we will use the down time to relax on use the by now overflowing Port-a-Johns?"

Jimbromski said...

you have made a convincing argument in favor of GB. case closed.

you will not have as much success in the Steely Dan v Boston throwdown tomorrow.

sacklunch said...


Whoops, that read like one of JS's emails. I have edited.

Potsy said...

ah...I see. I'll choose option one and nap if possible.

Jumbo Slice said...

I saw M. Ward open for Rilo Kiley years ago at the Black Cat. Everyone just talked throughout his performance. He couldn't get anyone to pay attention. I don't think Gogol Bordello has ever had that problem. I've never listened to them but from what I've read at Post-Rock, they aren't to be missed.

Anonymous said...

NOT that I am invited to hang out with you, but I am seeing Jakob Dylan. He's CUTE!

And I like folky, but it doesn't tend to play well at ACL because of extraneous noise. Except Nickel Creek, who had a great location.