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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


In case you all didn't know, and I don't know why you would, the four of us are going to the Austin City Limits Festival this September. We keep telling Jumboslice that the motivation for our visit is to see his new digs, lovely wife, and newborn child. The fact of the matter is we are going for the music, barbeque, and warm weather. We have purchased our 3-day passes, bought our plane tickets, and started perusing the schedule. As with most festivals, there are multiple bands playing on multiple stages, all at the same time. The oft asked question of the festival goer is, "Who should we see at ___ 0' clock?" Thus, I have come up with a new weekly feature which I will call ACL Injuries (a very lame reference to the song "Ankle Injuries" by Fujiya and Miyagi who we saw at last years Pitchfork Festival). If anyone has a better suggestion for the title of these posts, please let me know.
The premise is this. I will pick a 2 bands that are playing at the same time on different stages at the ACL festival. The conflicting bands will be chosen in chronological order (i.e. I will start with Friday, etc..) I am sure this will spark a lively discussion and we hope that our loyal readers will help us decide which band to see. We had this same problem at the Pitchfork Festival last year, and we often split up to collectively catch as many acts as possible. I guess we could do the same this year, but I am afraid of getting lost and there is always the possibility of being abducted by a band of Texas hippies or polygamists.
"We love indie rock and procreation"

So, fast forward to Friday Sept 26, 2008. The morning lineup looks pretty weak, so I imagine we will be getting our bearings, eating veggie burritos, and possibly joining a game of hackysack. Then at 1:30 PM, there is the first conflict of the festival. In the AT&T Blue Room are local indie rockers What Made Milwaukee Famous vs. Brooklyn based world music-genre bending-eclectic-gospel-poppers Yeasayer. I think this is a tough call. I have heard good things about WMMF and caught a little of their lively performance on last years Austin City Limits show on PBS. I have also been a fan of Yeasayer's album "All Hour Cymbals" and would be interested to see how it translates live. I think both bands will draw decent crowds due to the fact that WMMF is from Austin and Yeasayer has plenty of blog buzz. This is a tough call, I know which way I am leaning, but I would love to hear others chime in with their opinion(s). Fundamentalist Mormons are invited to join in as well.


Jimbromski said...

I'll go w the locals over Yeasayer. The only song I've heard by Yeasayer is 2080 which I liked but got knd of sick of.

Jumbo Slice said...

I vote for Yeasayer. I've listened to WMMF and they're not particularly remarkable. Not that Yeasayer is but I like their stuff a little more. Plus, since I live in Austin I'm likely to see WMMF down the road. Of course, we may come away from the Yeasayer set covered in hippie stink.

Anonymous said...

I have heard WMMF and thought they were okay! (That's a ringing endorsement from me in the live-music category.) Is Yeasayer really screechy/screamy/too much wailing electric guitar? If not, I'll go see them.