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Friday, July 04, 2008

Concert Preview: The Jet Age

I've really been looking forward to the holiday weekend. Relaxing by the pool, cooking out, and watching the fireworks is great. It's not what I'm most excited about though. DC's own The Jet Age is coming to Austin on Saturday night to play at my favorite venue, Mohawk.

Earlier this year they released the stellar What Did You Do During The War, Daddy?, a follow up to the equally impressive Breathless. Both albums garnered very favorable reviews and I'm anxious to see if their live show matches their studio skills.


Steve said...

How was the show?

I've been really impressed the times I've seen them here in DC. I especially enjoy watching Pete's drumming.

That said, they on occasion choose some unfortunate, un-indie outfits to wear.

Jumbo Slice said...

Yeah, they'll never be accused of being slaves to fashion! Their set was great. I should have a full review up tomorrow.

showlush said...

I just stumbled onto y'all today, and I am digging the Austin-DC connection. All you need now is to establish a Tucson bureau to provide Austin with our own vreview.