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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Concert Preview: The Dig

To be clear, I'm not referring to the xenoarchaeology video game "The Dig," from the mid 90s nor any other ology or video game. Nor am I referring to the excellent rockumentary, "Dig!," that featured the Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Furthermore, I am not referring to Rochester, NY's "the Dig Project," and certainly not California's 90s alt rockers "Dig." I am referring, instead, to NYC's "The Dig."

Confused? Well, The Dig haven't made it easy on themselves by choosing this name, nor by directing folks to a nonexistent website, but what they have done is record a nifty rock-pop EP, Good Luck and Games that you can listen to on their very existent MySpace page.

I've had this EP on my iPod shuffle for the past 3 months, and since my laptop was stolen, didn't even know who I was listening to all the while. Turns out, it's been the elusive The Dig. And all this time, I've been enjoying their tunes. I recommend having a listen.

We'll check out The Dig w/ City Riots & The City Veins at the Black Cat on Tuesday, July 15th ($8 Backstage). If their live performance comes close to their studio work, this promises to be a solid show and your chance to see this heretofore obscure unsigned band. Here's another opinion....


Jumbo Slice said...

That's a solid line-up for a Tuesday night. A good excuse to get out of the house. City Riots out of Australia seem promising. I like the guitar work on "Favorite TShirt".

Anonymous said...

your taste in music is pretty bad

Jimbromski said...

don't tell us, tell The Dig

anyway we'll know more after we see them live.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous--your taste in comments is pretty bad.