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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Concert Preview: Elf Power

As everyone can see, we're all back from our various work trips and vacations and we're attending shows and reviewing shows and talking about shows again.

I miss the old days when we could just post about anything we wanted to. Now I actually have to leave my house and go listen to music. Fuck.

Tonight we are off to the Rock and Roll Hotel to see Elf Power. These guys are part of the famous Elephant Six Collective. Not a "label" or "group", a "collective." "Collective" makes me think of starving Ukrainian peasants struggling to hide wheat from Stalin, or else of some hippie walking around not wearing pants.

Potsy knows a member of this band. He sent them this e-mail:

I'm looking forward to your upcoming show at the RnR Hotel Thursday. I'm not very familiar with your catalog, but heard a few tunes via Rhapsody, and was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face when I did a little digging on yer website. I know Jimmy Hughes from his "Wookie," the Q is silent days (and went to college with his sister). My friends and I have a local music blog dcrockclub.com and will be putting up a review of your Thurs show...
Isn't that nice? We have a connection. Here's the response from the band:
cool...see ya in a few days then...andrew
Whoa, man. Don't hurt your hand typing all those words, Shakespeare! Personally I would have fobbed off the job of responding to fan mail to my publicist.

By the way, that response has all the hallmarks of being typed out on a cell phone. Potsy is putting on a don't-give-a-fuck facade, but it's just that, a facade. I know he hurts inside, just like all of us. Buy him a drink tonight if you see him.

On an unrelated note, people often complain that no one dances at shows in DC. I used to but now I don't. Here's a video of me dancing, watch it and you'll understand why I stopped:


Potsy said...

I thought the dance was going to end with you eating the machine...ah, that was fantastic.

Jimbromski said...

I was about to post a comment asking people to stick with the video until the very end.

That was a very embarrassing moment for me, made all the more so because someone filmed it and posted it to YouTube.

Jumbo Slice said...

Elf Power is a terrible name. Makes me think of dorky D&D players. The only worse name I can think of is Ham 1 (the opening band).

Nice dances moves Jimbromski.

Anonymous said...

Since these guys are touring, I'm sure they don't have the time and/or ability to write you a lengthy email response. A cell phone reply from the back of a van someplace is probably all you can reasonably expect.

I would point out what a self righteous and pompous post that was, but I fell asleep reading your lame blog.

Jimbromski said...

ooh, zing

Munga, go suck a dick--I noted that it was likely sent by cell phone, and the whole post was tongue in cheek.

Would love to see some of your writing, expert. Seriously, go eat one.

Anonymous said...

I think Munga made a good point. I guess blowing up like that proves that maybe you are self righteous and pompous.

Oh, and your blog is pretty lame.

Jimbromski said...

Actually, Anon, and this goes to Munga as well, assuming you're not the same person, leaving bullshit comments about how our blog is "lame" is fucking weak, unless you have a link to your own wonderful blog, whence I can compare the two and see if you're correct or not.

And the post you are essentially recommending that I should have written--"Potsy e-mailed the band, and they responded with a short note--what wonderful people!!!"--is neither insightful, funny or entertaining, so your advice is bullshit as well.

So get in line behind Munga, you tard.

I swear, you fuckng people...

Potsy said...

Anon & Munga have a right to their oddly similar opinion, of course.
I happen to think Fox News is lame, so I don't waste my time watching it. To do so would be more lame.

Anonymous said...

jimbromski, you're pretty much a tool. why do you welcome comments on your blog if you're not open to them? insulting people just turns others away who might actually until now have kind of liked your blog's music reviews.

why don't you go suck a dick?

i swear, you fucking bloggers.

Jimbromski said...

Fine, fair enough. You think I'm a tool, get in line, you're not the first.

I probably shouldn't have gotten so irritated about it and my language was a bit(!) strong but again, the original post that sparked this whole brouhaha was clearly a joke, and a fairly innocuous one at that.

Once more, I can deal with insults as long as I deserve them and they're funny, so go ahead and fire away.

Anonymous said...

"Would love to see some of your writing, expert. Seriously, go eat one."

You are criticizing someone's comment because they reference any of their own material?

Don't you criticize other people's music when you don't actually have a band?!?

Could it be that you fellas are not as hip and clever as you think you are?

Jimbromski said...

This isn't Nam, Smoky...there are rules.

Not as clever as I think I am? Yeah, probably. Guilty as charged.

Potsy said...

Can't you two see... that you're in love with each other?