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Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best Bands?

Everyone loves a good list. I'm no exception so I was intrigued when I heard a site released the 50 All-time Best Bands from each state (no, they didn't forget DC). The list actually included the All-Time Best Band, the All-Time Best Solo Artist, and the Best New Band. Their ruling for DC:

All-Time Best Band: Fugazi
All-Time Best Solo Artist: Marvin Gaye
Best New Band: Orthrelm

No argument from me on the first two but who the hell is Orthrelm? Take a look:

Umm, yeah. I'm gonna have to disagree with that choice. Anyone agree with the choice? What about Fugazi as best band and Marvin as the best solo artist?

I noticed a few other interesting choices as I perused the list. The Beach Boys were selected as the best California band. I agree but Van Halen fans might have something to say about that. Minnesota had an impressive showing with The Replacements as best band (over Husker Du), and Dylan as best solo artist (sorry, Prince).


Jumbo Slice said...

It would've been funny if they picked the The Mighty Mighty Bosstones over the Pixies as best Massachusetts band just to fuck with people.

rob said...

More like Craprelm. You know?

The one state that I completely agree with is Missouri

rob said...

and Washington

Steve said...

As a born and bred Ohioan, I guess I can't disagree too much with their list (Pere Ubu/Screamin' Jay Hawkins/Times New Viking). Though my personal favorite Ohio band of all time will always, always be The Afghan Whigs. But, yeah, can't argue with Pere Ubu.

As for Michigan, where I spent my college years, I'm absolutely shocked that Stevie Wonder won out over either Bob Seger, Ted Nugent or Kid Rock. What a rich rock and roll tradition that state has...

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts, if you're an indie fanatic like a lot of us are, is a tough state to pick the best. I definitely agree with the Pixies (I'm biased; they are favorite band of all time). Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr., Morphine, Blake Babies for starters. Juliana Hatfield as best goddess.

I would think Minnesota is another great state as well. Hard to argue with the Replacements.

This could be debated forever...a fun list!!

Jimbromski said...

Man, Orthrelm shredded so hard my face melted.

I'm offended that all the Pacific territories weren't included. There's been some top notch Samoan bands through the years.

Jumbo Slice said...

I was emailing with someone about Orthrelm (and a related band called Crom Tech). He said listening to them was like "getting attacked by angry bees". I think that's the best possible way to describe them.

Anonymous said...

Hard to say what the best new DC band is. Ever since Dismemberment Plan left the scene, it's been a little uninspiring.

Jumbo Slice said...

"Uninspiring" is a polite way to put it. DC is itching for another killer band like The Plan so it gets all giddy about a new band w/ promise, only to realize they're not that great. That's not to say there aren't any decent bands. I enjoy These United States, Thao & the GDSD, Le Loup, and Imperial China. Do they qualify as the best new band? I don't know but at least they're better than Orthrelm.

Anonymous said...

Best new band. Nobody gets it. In a town burdened by the Dischord imprint, the best new band is a relatively obscure band that I saw the other night. There name is Bad Panda. They rock and have an utterly unique sound. Imperial China sounds like all the other DC punk. These guys do there own shit and let there music speak on its own. www.myspace.com/badpandarock

Unknown said...

David Malitz of The Washington Post recently picked The Points as the best new band in DC. They are in the DC punk tradition. I would pick The Hall Monitors as the top new band, a garage rock, R&B quartet myspace.com/hallmonitors. I've seen both bands play a number of times at DC clubs. I could see These United States in the top somewhere too, but where did anyone come up with Orthrelm - never heard of them?

Anonymous said...

Has any of you ever heard of Future????

They are in my opinion the baddest bad d.c has seen in a while..

They sort-of take a page from our capitals bad brains root..

Check them out.


Or myspace.com/mindseyemusik