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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obligatory Daily Post #1

Yesterday Jumbo Slice sent the following e-mail to all of us: "Do you guys think it's a realistic goal for us to post something weekday? Too much work?" Responses veered from "speak English," to "I believe the word you're looking for is 'daily'", to "sit on it."

Jumbo is convinced our little blog will grow in popularity if we post more. I think that the more people know us, the more they will be repelled and never come back. Once you get a glimpse of our collective psyche, you'll scamper away, screaming:

Collective Rock Club psyche: artist's representation

Okay, I suppose I should make this music-related. Here's a few items of interest:

  • Johnny Rotten beats up Bloc Party guy. That "My Mercury's in Retrograde" song is torture to listen to, so I for one am in favor of physical violence in this instance. The Bloc Party guy seems like a knob anyway: here he is criticizing Jack White for not speaking up about politics. If Jack White spoke up in favor of intelligent design, would that mollify you? No, of course not--what you meant is that you would like Jack to speak up about political issues, provided that he agrees with you 100%. 9 out of 10 rock stars never made it past college, and if they did, they majored in something retard-easy like Art History or Sociology, which makes it all the more ludicrous when they believe they've discovered the best way to organize and lead a society of millions. Fucking save it for your freshman dorm.
  • The Onion AV Club Goes From Strength to Strength. Here they are reporting from the Pitchfork Festival. If you recall, DC Rock Club attended this festival last year, which I documented in an award-winning short film that can be viewed here. Definitely worth a read but I was particularly amused by their take on Fleet Foxes: "the rise of indie-rock easy-listening music annoys me: easy listening, whether it's Dan Fogelberg or Midlake, is easy listening." As I said, Fleet Foxes = Music to Bake Bread To.
  • Notes on Frank Costanza. I thought I knew everything there was to know about Seinfeld but this article caught me at the highway rest stop, with my pants unbuttoned, behind the grassy knoll. Did you know that an actor other than Jerry Stiller originally played Frank Costanza, and they replaced him after one episode? And what's more, they simply excised him from his one episode, Stalin-style, and inserted Jerry Stiller. And then, again in true Stalin style, they tried to throw that shit down the memory hole, but they didn't bargain on the Chinese trumping them. Go here, watch the video, and you'll see the original Frank, starting at 8:11.
  • Next show for us shall be Tilly and the Wall. Jumbo reviewed their Austin show here. We were divided between this show, versus The Ting Tings, or Spiritualized. Had to go for the Saturday night show, when all was said and done. I like the new Spiritualized album but I'm thinking that show has a high potential for "trippiness," which is a synonym for "boring 20 minute noodles that make me focus on how sore my knees and back are."
Okay, that'll do, little pigs. To paraphrase Lloyd Braun: "chalk another one up on the big board, Mr. Jumboslice!"


Jumbo Slice said...

Hey, Look at dat! A post that's not a review or a preview. Well done Jimbromski. I look forward to reading The Onion's take on the Pitchfork Festival.

What's the over/under on how long we post daily? A week? Less?

Jumbo Slice said...

Didn't Sacklunch major in Art History?

Band on band violence should be encouraged. Let's revive Friday Night Fights on MTV. Instead of pitting videos against each other w/ viewers voting for the winner, let's have bands actually duke it out. They could use their instruments as weapons. That would cut down on the number of hippies in indie rock.*

*for the record I'm pro-hippie.

Jimbromski said...

I give it a week.

Bands hitting each other, me likey.

Anonymous said...

What, no mention of the fact that Morty Seinfeld was played by a different actor as well? Remember the episode "The Stakeout" where Jerry can't remember the lawyer's name so his father suggests he stake out the lobby of her office building? Different Morty Seinfeld.

Jimbromski said...

What is this, amateur hour? Everyone knows Morty was replaced. The real story here is Frank Costanza.