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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Live in Studio!

A few of my favorite local bands recently played at two of indie rock's best radio stations: WOXY and KEXP. Thao and The Get Down Stay Down did a Lounge Act session at WOXY in Cincinnati. You can download the set from the WOXY web site. The songs are great and the interview is pretty funny.

While touring the West Coast last month The Jet Age performed at KEXP studios in Seattle. Here's "False Idols" off their album What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?:


Anonymous said...

I have seen this band referenced and linked to on TWO of the fashion/art/design blogs I check.
I predict this is either excellent news or terrible news for you and Thao...I can't decide.

Jumbo Slice said...

Which blogs? I'm curious. I think Thao and the guys are staying at our house again on Wednesday and I want to give them crap for being darlings of the fashion crowds.

SZ - you and your dude should go to Thao's show on Wednesday w/ me and Mrs. Jumbo Slice. Thao is great live. Oh, wait. I just remember we discused this already along with your aversion to Emo's.

Anonymous said...

you guys are too cool to post daily now that you're going to be featured in washingtonian? puuhlease.

Potsy said...

it's called "kicking it up a notch," etc. I believe Emeril popularized this a few years ago. please try to keep up.

And was that actually a sentence that you wrote? Is starts like a statement, but ends as a question. What is it, a stateion? A questment, perhaps? Someone's brain has turned to mush this summer.

Anonymous said...