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Monday, March 16, 2009

SXSW Spotlight: Deleted Scenes

If indie bands were stocks I'd invest my money in Deleted Scenes, Inc. They're young, talented and have the right approach to music. They forge their own path and don't just ape their favorite groups. It seems simple but it takes creativity and hard work. Deleted Scenes got it done though and people are taking notice.

For those of you attending SXSW you have a couple opportunities to see them perform:

Wednesday, 3/18 at 1:20 PM: DC Does Texas (Friends Bar)
Wednesday, 3/18 at 4:30 PM: Tronco/Monstro Party (Beauty Bar)

For those in DC, don't miss their headlining show at the Black Cat mainstage on Saturday, March 28th.

Recently Dan from Deleted Scenes agreed to answer a few questions for us:

DCRC: Previously I insinuated Deleted Scenes partakes in group masturbation. Privately (and now publicly) I've told you that you look like a retard on stage. My first question: Why are you still talking to me? I'm kind of a douchebag.

DS: I'm still talking to you because you bought me a Lone Star tallboy in Austin and won my heart. You also showed your soft side by kindly deciding not to publish the I Am Sam poster as our band photo. Being an ugly lead singer, which observation you nailed with the retarded Sean Penn comparison, may help explain why my self-esteem is so low as to continue talking to you.

Sorry Dan. I owe you at least a six-pack of tallboys now.

DCRC: During your last tour I saw you in both DC and in Austin. I was especially impressed at the Texas show. You played to a crowded room (on a Tuesday night no less) and received a great response. Was the rest of the tour as successful?

DS: Mohawk has always been a good spot for us. One of those great places, like the Slowdown in Omaha or the 5-Spot in Nashville, where people just seem to go. We'd come to anticipate about a 1-to-1 ratio of soul-crushingly empty shows to good ones like the one you saw. But this last tour was actually really inspiring. A lot more weeklies and blogs showed interest, and the shows were about 1-to-3 soul-crushingly empty. So, moving on up, I guess!

DCRC: What's been the response to the new album, Birdseed Shirt?

DS: Really great. Our girlfriends didn't dump us when they heard it, and they're all SERIOUS music snobs, so that was nice. All the DC press pissed themselves over it, to the extent that we're on the "banned" list at City Paper now, apparently. That whole month was like waking up to blowjobs every day. And other cities are slowly catching on. I'm told the Pitchfork review comes out tomorrow, so we'll find out then what the Universal Critical Opinion is.

Note: Since this interview the Pitchfork review was published and it was quite favorable. They gave Birdseed Shirt and 8.0 out of 10, the highest rating any band from DC has received from Pitchfork in years. I emailed Dan a quick follow up question:

DCRC: What was your reaction to the 8.0 Birdseed Shirt received from Pitchfork?

DS: This slays.

DCRC: What are your plans while in Austin, besides the festival, of course? I'd recommend a dip in Barton Springs (I go naked), breakfast at Magnolia's (also naked), Mexican Margarita's from the Cedar Door (Cowboy hat but no pants), and enough Lone Star beers to kill an armadillo. That's how I spend most weekends. You should give it a try.

DS: Is this a question? Oh, yeah, what are we going to do in Austin... Try not to spend any money, really. I've been couch surfing since we got off tour in February. Otherwise, go to free shows, try to get penitent journalists to buy me Lone Stars, catch up with some friends who will be down there, and give out 1000 cds. Jeez, that's not a fun answer at all! Take me to all these naked places!

DCRC: You have a headlining show at the Black Cat's mainstage on Saturday, March 28th. That's a goal that almost all DC indie rock bands aspire to but few realize. Was that a goal of yours? Any other goals you've set for the band?

DS: I'm not sure how much of an accomplishment it is. It's very scary. I've seen a lot of bands that fail to draw there, and it's one of the saddest things. That huge checkered floor just gapes at you when the place is empty. I hope people show up! We're pretty psyched about it though. We're releasing a cassingle at that show that is dubbed over old cassette singles I bought from Ebay. So people will be able to hear us with Gloria Estefan or Tag Team faintly audible in the background, which is really the way we've always intended our music be heard. Other goals? We want to stop working and be on tour for an indefinite number of months...maybe like 9 or something. And keep writing weirder and prettier songs.

DCRC: What are you plans for 2009? Another tour?

DS: Yes, we're playing on the west coast for the first time in June and July. This Brazilian promoter whose day party we're playing also wants to get us down to Brazil, which will be AWESOME. Ideally, I'd just like to stop booking our own tours. As romantic as DIY is, it's so time consuming.

DCRC: Finally, there's an ongoing debate within Rock Club on which band is better: Steely Dan or Boston. What's your opinion?

DS: Hm... I can't say I've got the critical distance to answer this question, since Boston's my favorite city, and Steely Dan is my favorite vibrator.

Many thanks to Dan for answering my questions. If you haven't heard the new album read the Pitchfork review. Embedded on the page is a player where you can listen to the album from start to finish. Give it a try - you won't regret it.

Let's end this with a video of Deleted Scenes performing "Ithaca":



Jimbromski said...

that was entertaining reading...nice work and good luck to these guys, them seem cool

also I didn't think he looked like Penn in I Am Sam, I thought he had more of a resemblance to autistic basketball superstar Jason McElwain.

Jumbo Slice said...

I don't think the McElwain comparison is going to do wonders for Dan's esteem either.

The guys are funny dudes - especially Dan. I love the cassingle idea for the Black Cat show. "People will be able to hear us with Gloria Estefan or Tag Team faintly audible in the background, which is really the way we've always intended our music be heard" is a great quote.

I was glad to see them get such a good review from Pitchfork. I doubt they'll be booking their own tours for much longer.

Jumbo Slice said...

BTW, who changed the quote in the banner? It looks odd without some hateful comments from a pissed off reader.

Jimbromski said...

I changed it, heard it while I was jogging and decided to take the "faggot" quote down and replace it with something sunnier

/"Victoria", The Kinks

Potsy said...

Deleted Scenes Dan is pretty damn funny. If his music career doesn't take off, we should ask him to post a column on DCRC. Too bad he couldn't help settle the Steely Dan v. Boston debate. I heard 7 or 8 Steely Dan tracks at Emma Peels the other night. Despite Jimbromski's master debater skills, Steely Dan is still my pick.

sacklunch said...

Speaking of SD v. Boston, I was re-reading the original post (and comments)from last summer.

Did anyone notice the comment from the Zyrtec user? WTF is that all about?

Jimbromski said...

everyone deep down likes Boston more but they're afraid of what their friends will say if they admit it

Potsy said...

You mean Tina Hansar? I thought she was a friend of yours.

Anonymous said...

I think she was comparing the side effects of Zyrtec to the side effects of listening to Steely Dan.

Potsy said...

ooh. Burn. Nice one Rick.

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Long in the DS camp! Dan is playing a solo set at my Solly's residency on April 27th. Rare to see so don't miss out.

Once again - its clearly Boston. Sheesh.

Hey - City Paper nicked my column with Judging A "Disc" if you can believe it. I should be flattered but I am waaaay too vindictive and petty for that.

Anonymous said...

Steely Dan definitely DESTROYS Boston. Just as Deleted Scenes destroy most bands in the year 2009.