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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bang Bang Bang Bust

Three fourths of RC ventured down to the Velvet Lounge underneath the weight of heavy humidity- typical of a DC summer night. Seeking the comforts of 21st century luxuries like air conditioning and cold beer, RC entered the Velvet Lounge to find a busted ac unit and $2 cans of Schlitz (albeit cold). After waiting 15 minutes for the "hair-don't" bar tender to finish his phone call and return to the bar, we managed up stairs to catch the last half of the last song of the opening act, Life in Bed, Schlitz in hand. I enjoyed this half-song as the rhythm section seemed to carry the band, although the guitar sounded as though it had been tossed down the stairs, coughing up discorded sound step after bumpy step. Little did I know that I would long for this sound as the night progressed. I counted 17 people in attendance. I later learned that at least 6 of the 17 were members of bands scheduled to play later.

Schlitz number 2 followed with act number two, Imogene. This band featured two bassists, a (moog-like) organist, and drummer. The bassist/singer also weilded an 8-string bass, which was pretty rad when he played it like a guitar. When the band began, they quieted the 9 of us watching with their bass-heavy sound, until the Will Forte (SNL) look/sound alike singer busted out with the "Sunny day, honey child" lyric, and I knew then that Etienne de Rocher was across the river pissing himself. I think I had 2 more Schlitz at this point. There were 3 times as many people down stairs in the sweltering heat than there were upstairs.

After a while we returned upstairs to check out Bang Bang Bang. This band was fronted by a guy who looked like Jin from Lost, which wasn't a problem, just surprising, but immediately they established themselves as the modern day Spin Doctors. I felt uncomfortable after the first half of their first song, the same way you'd feel if an old guy rubbed his ass against you in the locker room at the gym...wait, no, hang on... did I mention how many Scloitz I've had by now
? This typing thinfd is tough., Anyhow, while there was some ass-crushing opportuinities upstairs, I soon found myself the sole RC member watching this Old Town Alexandria cheese band, and quikly decended downstairs to the unair conditioned bar for another tasty Schlitx.

So the bands weren't great tonight, but such is the luck of RC. I think the highlight of the night had to be the conversatuion aroud Rock Club Club House. That was a fantastic. Ample parking, prime location. A get away from the ladies, but a stripper pole for special occasions... Ah, the club house. Power ball is $155 million this weekend., Buy your tickets before Satureday and invest in RC club house!

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Jimbromski said...

A few comments--

1) Jesus, all the bands sucked ass.
2) I'm still not sure that was Bang 3x. the MySpace site sounded totally different.
3) He looked like Tiger Woods, moreso than Jin.
4) It's funny how your typing degenerated as the post went on. I didn't think you were serious when you said that you were going to write a review immediately after the show, but apparently you were. Bravo, sir.