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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Review of the Asobi Seksu Show

There was great excitement for the inaugural outing of Rock Club. At first it didn't look like Jason would make it, but he came through and got to DC9 a little after 9:00. We felt bad he had neglected this wife and daughter to be there, just for us to kick him out of Rock Club, but history will show it was the right thing to do.

Luckily there was only one opening band, Soft, which meant that Asobi Seksu wouldn't go on too late. We opted to skip Soft and hang out the back room. The only thing I know about the band:

  • the guy sings like a women
  • they claimed to have a huge hit single on blogs (?!?). Sorry, not this blog
  • they weren't too bad.

The crowd for Asobi Seksu wasn't too big so we were pretty close to the band. I was looking forward to the show because I had been listening to their excellent new album, Citrus, almost daily for the past few weeks. They ended up playing all my favorite songs including Strawberries, Pink Cloud Tracing Paper, and New Years. I guess that shouldn't be too surprising since they only have two albums. Anyway, Jason and I stayed for the whole show while James and Erin went downstairs after 4 songs. I think Erin had some ass crushing to do and he needed a wing man.

My overall impression of the band was pretty good. The guitarist, keyboardist, drummer, and bassist were solid. They're a tight band. The lead singer was easy on the eyes and had good stage presence. One thing I don't quite understand is why she sings some songs in Japanese ad some in English. No matter. Since I don't know what we're using for a grading scale, I'll use a number 1-10. And that number is 8.1. A VERY good show, mostly earned because I already liked the music, but also because they put on a good show. It was the best band I've seen this year, except for Art Brut, which had a sweet banner.

So, let's hear from the other members of Rock Club. Erin and James, what did you think of the first four songs?

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