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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Rules of Rock

If the first rule of Rock Club is you do not talk about rock club, then why do we have a blog? Never mind because rule number two is much more important: Everyone must rock tonight.

Here are the basic rules as describe by our not-President, Jason:

  • The schedule will run Saturday-Friday.
  • You will be assigned a week and will research the shows for that particular week.
  • You will need to come up with a 1st choice show and a 2nd choice show. If we all can go to the 1st choice show, then we do that one, if not, then we go to choice #2.
  • The $$ limit on the shows will be $20.00.
  • The person picking the shows for that week has the final say.

There are other rules which have been bandied about, but not officially adopted. These include:

  • No Jazz
  • At least 2 Rock Club members must be present for a quorum.
  • Jason is kicked out of Rock Club


Jimbromski said...

Are you out of your fucking mind? Violation of rule 1 means you get snuffed, g.

Watch your back.

Anonymous said...

So where's the review? Since I was downstairs for most of the show, getting ready to crush ass, I missed a few tunes. What say you, Danielson?