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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Response to Dan's Post

First band (Soft? Flaccid?) I thought was pretty solid if you like that English wuss-rock sound, which I generally do. He did use the word "blog" in his onstage banter, however, so demerits for that. The Japanese band was pretty good, although the lead singer was about the size of Webster. Sounded like a shoegazer band, had some good synth going as well. Kind of New Order-ish which we don't seem to get a lot of these days.

Danimal, is there some way to let us vote for the rating in your post, and then take the average?

I would give the opening band a 5.5 and the Asians a 6.0. That may sound harsh, but anything above average is pretty good in my book and I'm reserving the 9.0 rating for my deathbed, when I will reveal the greatest show I ever attended. I will never give a 10 because perfection in this world simply isn't possible.

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