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Monday, July 31, 2006

Controversy Rocks Rock Club

Oftentimes we here at Rock Club face a situation where a friend, despite all advice to the contrary, refuses to get tickets to a highly-recommended show. "Come see this band with us," we say. "They're fantastic. I have the CD, it just hit number 32 on the Belgian Top 40. They're awesome live."

And then, for whatever reason--laziness, stupidity, willfullness, obstinacy--this friend does not get tickets.

Later, e-mails go back and forth--plans are made as those who were smart enough to buy tickets correspond. Excitement builds. People say things like, "Man, I hope they play that remix of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida. I'm gonna lose my shit if that happens."

The ticketless loser is often copied on these e-mails, and he reads them, and his interest is piqued. Perhaps I should have gotten tickets to this show, he thinks to himself. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps.

Anyway, we have such a loser in Rock Club, who was forwarded the 9:30 pre-sale e-mail (with access password!) for the Sleater-Kinney show, scheduled to take place on Aug. 1. Odds are he will be saved from his quandary, as Jason got a ticket for Mike B., who will likely miss the S-K show with an inflamed labia, thus freeing up a ticket for our unnamed knucklehead, who, sad to say, is a founding member of Rock Club.

But the object of this post is not to belittle this member. It is to inform the other members of Rock Club that this member now insists that the Sleater-Kinney show will not, in fact, count as an official Rock Club event, due to the cost of the ticket. This behaviour is known in the field of psychology as transference, where one attempts to blame one's shortcomings on others, and to shift the ground of the argument such that the participants no longer focus on the transferer's dopiness.

So, okay. As our man pointed out, I am responsible for picking shows for this week (7/31 to 8/4), so now I'm on the hook. I objected at first, but then I said, hey, you want more rock? You want more rock? I can't object to that. I can't stand in the way. I'll question your motives, but I will not stand in the way of your wish for more rock. So here are some shows for this week that we should consider:

1) Gordon Lightfoot, Wolf Trap, Aug 2 (Wed) (lawn tix $22)
2) The Clientele, Iota, Aug 3 (Thurs)
3) Faster Pussycat, Jaxx, Aug 4 (Fri)

So let's hear it, Rock Club. First, do you accept the premise--i.e., do we need an additional show this week, after S-K? The ticket price argument is powerful, but as of today three members are attending, and that makes a quorum. And if so, what's your vote?

I vote Lightfoot, then Clientele.


Jumbo Slice said...

The cost argument doesn't fly with me. If he had got a ticket during the pre-sale, it would have only been $20, even w/ the Ticketbastard charges. I'm already going to The Evens tonight and S-K tomorrow. I'm not going to Wolf Trap too. I may to to Iota for The Clientele, but I'm not promising anything.

Say what you want, but S-K is this week's rock show.

Potsy said...

Some people never learn. When they finally come to their senses (and uphold their responsibilities) to offer alternative shows for RC, they (and by "they" I mean Jimbrewski)suggest another show that is ineligible. Perhaps I need to show you how much $20 is, and how $22 is, in fact, MORE than $20.
You also failed to mention how lazy you were being in selecting S-K as your band for this week, when you had already bought tickets for the show pre-Rock Club. No expost facto show scheduling. Lawlessness and chaos. That's what you're breeding. Like the insurgents in Iraq.

Jimbromski said...

Eh, we'll leave it to the fellow members of RC to decide what's what. Altho I must add, surely the $20 rule can be waived via a straight up/down RC vote. And, I might add, surely an evening with Gordon Lightfoot is worth $22? You, of all people, should know this.

Potsy said...

to select Lightfoot, would be hypocritical, given my earlier position on the $$ issue. Although I would enjoy being at Wolf Trap for a show, especially for Gordon. So I would vote for The Clientele at Iota (assuming it's under the cap).

Jimbromski said...

Again, in my view there are no RC rules that cannot be superseded by a majority RC vote. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, sir. Everybody loves Lightfoot.