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Monday, July 31, 2006

Time for some mediation

I think everyone needs to simmer down. I think the problem here arises from the fact that the S-K tickets were purchased before the inception of Rock Club proper. I do believe that if Rock Club was in existance prior to the S-K ticket pre-sale, then Erin would have purchased a ticket. Unfortunately, he did not purchase one and we decided that this would be the RC sponsored event. The question of James SO coming along is moot, as this only turned into a RC event after RC was formed. Therefore i think this week is an anomoly and will probably never happen again. Erin, I am sorry you were too lazy to get a ticket for this show, however, we do have 3/4 of the members present for S-K to qualify as an event. Can we put this issue to rest and move on to next week? Lets move forward, not back....In fact, in order to solve this issue I will offer to pay the difference you have to pay(over $20) for a Craigslist S-K ticket.


Jumbo Slice said...

Sacklunch - well put.

I'll gladly split the over $20 difference if it means we'll have full RC attendance.

For the record, I'm not opposed to wives at shows. They can appreciate quality rock too.

Jimbromski said...

How about wife attendance is discouraged, but not prohibited? I ask her every show if she wants to come, and she says no. It's a delicate kabuki which allows many married couples to stay married. We also need written bylaws, just to settle this stuff.

"The fun is being strangled out of this whole [USA] concept," Thomas Jefferson, 1784, Constitutional Convention.