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Thursday, August 21, 2008


We will now move into Day 2 of the Austin City Limits festival for Round 3 of ACL Injuries, the weekly post where we decide which band gets the honor of having DCRC attend their performance. If the Pitchfork Festival is any indication, we will most likely be arriving late on Saturday, missing a few of the late morning acts. The first real dilemma comes in the 2:30 time slot, when we have southern rockers The Drive By Truckers, up against new-soul powerhouse Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings.

Apparently, Sharon Jones was one of top acts at the Virgin Festival a few weeks ago according to this guy and I think it would be a nice dose of something different. That is the beauty of the festival environment, it is a great opportunity to see bands that we may not normally see back at home. I have only heard a few songs, but I think "100 Days, 100 Nights" is a fly song and would love to see this 52 year old Shirley Hemphill look-a-like strut her stuff on stage.
Now, some other folks might disagree and would direct us toward southern rock revivalists The Drive By Truckers. To be honest, I was never really able to get into this particular band. I purchased "Southern Rock Opera" from the used CD place, and it instantly went back to another used CD place for a trade in. I hear they give one hell of a live performance (just like My Morning Jacket) and their one hour set at ACL could be a mind-blowing rock-tacular show.
Another consideration for which band to attend could also be based on the crowd. Sharon Jones will probably draw in lots of chicks, DBT will most likely be a sausage fest of the 100th degree.
I think I have my mind made up, but please chime in with your opinions.


Jumbo Slice said...

It's no contest in my book. I get enough alt-country here in Austin. Sharon Jones is one of the acts I'm most looking forward to. She's the female James Brown. And what can you say about the Dap Kings? Sharon brings the ruckus, Dap Kings bring the funk. I'll bet money we end the weekend ranking this them high on our "best of ACL" list.

Not to diss the Drive By Truckers but you raise a good point about the crowds. If there are any meathead frat boys like you clashed with at the Hold Steady show, they'll choose the DBT over Sharon Jones in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

The lady. Of course I am seeing the band with the lady. And I have seen DBT more than once and have not been nuts about the crowd.

G.H. said...

I think you know what you should do.

rob said...

jumbo, trust me, there will be frat boys, but not the meathead type (big ten) more like the good ol' boy type (SEC). for a better perspective, think guys that look like g.h., but are douchey.

rob said...

oh, and to be honest, i'm not a dbt fan.

sorry g.h.

Jimbromski said...

I vote DBT, I don't care for soul revivalists

it's an outdoor festival so the crowd should be less douchey b/c you have less of the single-band devotees. meatheads must understand that in addition to DBT they have to watch shit like Tegan and Sara as well. like garlic to vampires.

Jimbromski said...

also, the bitch looks like a dude, and I don't like it one bit how she's exploiting all the white people in her band

Anonymous said...

Jimbromski, you obvious novice.

Many frat-boys attend this festival because there is a major university in Austin, tons of girls go, there's lots of booze and pot, and it's so frekaing hot that many of the aforementioned girls are scantily clad in tank tops/bikinis. There is a substantial frat-party element to the festival.

I mean, I go to this every year and as evidenced here - I don't know very much about music.

showlush said...

Sharon gets my vote. Far more original than DBT who I find completely interchangeable with Reckless Kelly, Cross Canadian Ragweed and half a dozen other bands of their ilk. And you can absolutely bank on the frat boy element at DBT, and a high concentration of them at that.

Jumbo Slice--Good running into you at the White Denim show on Thursday night. Forgive me if my powers of recognition were momentarily affected by my alcohol intake. It happens.