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Monday, April 07, 2008

Anarchy in the NK

I don't read Vice magazine that often as I'm usually busy eating, masturbating or watching TV, or doing all three of those things simultaneously. However, when I do read it I am usually left with a feeling of well-being and mirth.

They have a "television network" now, which is actually a bunch of videos posted to a website (www.vbs.tv). I came across this 14-part series detailing a trip to the 23-million-patient-psych-ward-that-is-North Korea by one of their intrepid correspondents. The whole thing is worth watching if you have the time, but I especially appreciated episode 14. If you go to North Korea, you're assigned a government minder, who lets you see only that which Dear Leader wants you to see. The Vice crew understandably chafed against these restrictions throughout their trip, so the trip to the Communist karaoke bar at the end of their itinerary was probably a chance to blow off some steam. Watch the horrified looks as this chubby gaijin blows through "Anarchy in the UK":

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