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Friday, April 04, 2008

Why the Super 8 Isn't So Super

Now that the we're (almost) settled into our new place we're getting ready for our first show. Tomorrow night Thao & The Get Down Stay Down are playing The Mohawk here in Austin. Mrs. Slice and I don't exactly have the same taste in music. I'm your typical hipster doofus while she has an extensive background in classical music. We both like Thao though. We saw her 4 or 5 years ago opening for Verbal at the Galaxy Hut. In May of 2005 we asked her to play our wedding reception. We even offered to fly her in from London but it wasn't meant to be. In the years since, Thao has blown up and shit, signing to Kill Rock Stars. It's the home of such bands as The Gossip, Erase Errata, Deerhoof, Elliott Smith, and a little band called Sleater-Fucking-Kinney. Not bad company.

As the resident jock sniffer of Rock Club, I love free stuff. Especially getting on the guest list. We managed to get on the list for tomorrow's show by offering Thao and the guys a place to stay. The free tickets are nice but it definitely wasn't our motivation. Below are two posts taken from Thao's mySpace blog. You'll soon see why we wanted to offer them comfy beds and clean sheets:

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Super 8 our faith in corporate motel chains

Morning time. Super 8. Kearney Nebraska.

Thao comes into the room with tea.

Adam: Are you bleeding?

Thao (in her mind: ummm)

Thao(out loud) : umm. Nope.

Adam (impassioned gesticulation): Then whose is this!?!?!

(thao follows his pointing to a large, not so dried looking blood stain on the sheet, located right where his knees would have been resting the ENTIRE night)

Adam: I TOUCHED IT!!! I HAVE BEEN SLEEPING IN IT!! I’m going to take a shower.

Thao gingerly takes sheet down to front desk.

Marilyn (the manager on duty): How can i help you.

Thao: well, there’s blood on this sheet.

Marilyn (takes some time with the soiled sheet in the back): it’s not blood.

Thao: what is it?

Marilyn: feces.

Thao: feces.

Marilyn: yes.

Thao: so. what happens next?

Marilyn: i can give you 20 dollars back. but it will be in check rebate form. You’ll get it in a couple weeks.

Thao: it’s feces.

Marilyn: Well, it’s not blood.

Thao (laughs for lack of anything more appropriate)

Marilyn: come by when you’re checking out.

Thao returns to the room, shocked into submission by absurdity.

she reports back to adam, who has just take as hot of a shower as possible.


ADAM: WHAT THE FUCK?!?! YOU ARE TELLING ME WE PAID 40 DOLLARS TO SLEEP IN BLOODY SHIT?!?!?! ( starts to pace, continues ranting while getting dressed. Frank, Willis, and Thao kind of laugh, kind of sympathize, kind of feel gross too)

Adam: I’m going down there. we have to go down there. shit. bloody shit.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

culmination of Super Gr8 and canada and cold vs. tired

So anyway Adam and I go downstairs and he demands to talk to Marilyn the manager but she conveniently leaves to go to the bank so then Adam demands to talk to Jim her supervisor, who is in an office somewhere very far away doing a pretty shitty job of making sure Marilyn does her job, and I stand in front of the receptionist and smile semi-apologetically as Adam paces around on their cordless telephone and says things like :

Jim. Jim. It was bloody fecal matter, Jim.

(jim responds with something. apparently insulting.)

Adam: Don’t insult me Jim, don’t insult me. I am insulted.

And at the end of the exchange we get a full refund and Adam obtains everyone’s business cards and we swear, as a band, upon all we hold sacred, that incredibly strongly worded letters will be written and dispatched posthaste and heads will figuratively roll.

Epilogue: of course we didn’t write any letters. and we stayed at another super 8 the next night.

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