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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

can you dig it?

So the fellas from The Dig have been hard at work pushing their appearance at the Red and the Black this week. Honestly, we're not good at responding to emails, in fact we set up this blog as a way to cut down on emails.

But Rock Club was more or less pleased to be directed to the online catalog from NYC's The Dig. The Dig have a newly released EP entitled "Good Luck and Games," produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement and The Ramones) by the way.

Rock Club's reaction to the invitation to see them April 17th:

>I have class until 10 that night... too bad. I kinda like their Beatle/Oasis sound...
>yeah, they're not bad, I'm listening right now
>As am I. I'd go see them if they came to Austin. One song reminds me of The Vines.
>Let me remove the Oasis reference and insert a Blur/Supergrass reference for the "Lovesick Woman" track.
>sounds like two rats fucking in a dirty sweatsock in July in Kansas City (guess who offered that feedback)

Conclusion, we'd check them out, but Thursday doesn't work for us this week. If you don't have a conflict and want a face full of rock Thursday, go check them out.

If they come back in June, we'll try again.

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