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Friday, April 04, 2008

Concert (P)review- The Dodos/The Big Sleep/Les Savy Fav @ The Black Cat 4/4/08

I actually had the luxury of seeing The Dodos at DC9 this past Monday, so this post will act as both a review AND a preview.

I am going to cut to the chase and not even discuss the opening bands at the DC9 show, but if you need more info you can always check here. The Dodos hit the stage around 11:45 on a Sunday night, so the crowd was fairly sparse, maybe 50 people at the most. The band consists mainly of two guys, one on drums and one on guitar (both acoustic and electric). They also had this other dude in the band that would come up every so often to play xylophone or this mini-piano thing. The music is a bit hard to peg, but some songs had a great John Fahey finger-picking vibe (acoustic), and others rocked hard, channeling early Jack White blues guitar. Oh yeah, he stayed seated for every song (except when he played the trombone, I think). This is definitely a band worth checking out and I suggest arriving early tonight ot see them open for Les Savy Fav.

I will honestly say I don't know a whole lot by Les Savy Fav, except for that tune "Patty Lee" which has a great opening riff and groovy vibe. I have checked out some of their live performances on YouTube and I must say, it looks pretty entertaining. I can't say much about Th Big Sleep. We saw them open for The Thermals last year and thought they were okay. Mostly instrumental tunes, heavy guitar, etc.. It wears thin pretty quickly and when the chick sings, it is pretty bad. So my suggestion, get there early and check out The Dodos, listen to a few songs by The Big Sleep and then go downstairs for a drink or a smoke. Come back up for Les Savy Fav. That sounds like an enjoyable Friday evening to me, see you there.


Jumbo Slice said...

Get your tickets early. I bet you a nickel the show sells out.

I'm jealous I'm missing Les Savy Fav. Dodos sounds good as well. I need to check the local listing here in austin and see if/when those guys come into town.

Jumbo Slice said...

"I'm jealous I'm missing" makes no sense. I meant I'm bummed I'm missing. Or I'm jealous you're going to see Les Savy Fav w/o me. Take your pick.

John Foster said...

Sack rules - seeing Dodos twice in a week and posting to other sites about it. Kick arse!

sacklunch said...

Well, I actually only saw them once. The Les Savy Fav show was sold out and we were without tickets. Did we miss anything?