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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Concert Preview: Imperial China at the Red and the Black

I was alerted to Imperial China by Chip Chanko, a.k.a. "my neighbor Jim". He saw their set at Galaxy Hut last month and gave it two big thumbs up (seriously, the guy has freakishly large thumbs). He said they sounded like Battles with the guy from Modest Mouse on lead vocals. I love weird post-rock, electronic stuff with lots of drums. I'm pretty sure the rest of Rock Club will hate it with a passion. Therefore, I offer this video from their last show as Exhibit A:

Radhus - Galaxy Hut / November 25th

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So, what do you think? Very Battles-like, no? The dual drummers is cool as is the haunting, creepy keyboards and the screeching guitar.

If you liked this then you'll enjoy Verbal who is opening for Gist on the 27th. If you hated this song, well, too bad. At least you can rock out to Gist.


Anonymous said...

The prisoner's dilemma is good, too. File under Hum, June of '44, and prog.

Anonymous said...

Imperial China

It is said that punk demolished the wall between stage and audience. Punk proved that talent and skill are meaningless, and all that matters is sheer desire. That may well be true, but sometimes talent counts too. On December 21st, playing before a standing room only crowd at the Red and Black on Capital Hill, I saw DC's freshest post punk band Imperial China demonstrate both talent and desire. It was a delirious romp through a half dozen fast paced songs that alternated between hammering guitars and crashing drums. The trio of Brian Porter, Matthew Johnson and Patrick Gough played a strong set that took no prisoners, and proved why they have in a short time garnered such a loyal following. Pulsating with energy, Porter's full-throated vocals provided the perfect backdrop to several songs. While Johnson, wraith-like in hood, when not on his guitar, kept dueling time with Gough on drums. The newness of the sound they delivered with such conviction has no equal among current DC bands. Imperial China is a force to be reckoned with.