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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

DCRC Exclusive Interview: Jukebox the Ghost

Do you like up-to-the-minute music news, show reviews, and interviews with your favorite rock stars? Then you’re on the wrong site. You’re better off here. The assholes among us can mock their syntactically-challenged writing, the complete absence of spell check, and the use of The Hills-style slang, but these guys are nothing if not prolific and timely. Plus they have lots of good photos.

We, on the other hand, are big slackers. Potsy’s review of the Ted Leo show is scheduled to be posted sometime in Q2 2008. If you’re the sort that wakes up, two weeks after a show took place, and then thinks to yourself, wow, how was that show, that occurred two weeks ago, that no one is talking about anymore?, then this is your go-to site.

I bring this up because Jumbo Slice scored a big interview with Jukebox the Ghost before they played Rock and Roll Hotel on November 30. For some reason he’s been sitting on it since then. One theory is that JTG revealed some sort of top secret program, and Jumbo, being a patriot, doesn’t want to compromise national security so he spiked the story.

My personal hypothesis is that Jumbo has gotten too close to his subjects, to the point where his objectivity has been compromised, like Sally Field in Absence of Malice (see also Keanu Reeves in Point Break). He got the interview, fell in love with the Jukeboxers, and now can’t perform his proper role as highbrow music critic.

Luckily, I broke into his apartment tonight and stole his notes. So here’s the interview:

Jumbo Slice: Jukebox the Ghost, your music has been described as “dork-assed music for dorks.” Care to comment?

Jukebox the Ghost
: That’s crazy talk. What kind of judgmental prick would say something like that?

JS: Umm, yeah, exactly. Who would you say are your biggest influences?

JTG: Oh, the usual—Phish, They Might Be Giants, Weird Al Yankovic. Nature Trail To Hell...man, that got me through some tough times.

: Tough times? Elaborate.

: Let’s just say that debugging 48,000 lines of FORTRAN code is no picnic.

JS: Wow. May I massage your balls?

JTG: Yeah, get in there.

JS: You’re from DC, right? Come over tomorrow, we’ll play Magic: The Gathering.

: We are the knights that say “ni!”


Chip Chanko said...

Dude. That's not cool. Phish and TMBG are two of my biggest influences. Add Pink Floyd and Fugazi and you got me. Throw in a ball massage and I call it heaven.

Jimbromski said...

Next time I see you, you're getting an atomic wedgie, Chanko.

Unknown said...

thanks for the info, now I know to rig up a machine to request songs using binary when I see them on Saturday...

Potsy said...

I was actually asked not to post my Ted Leo review until JS posted his Ghost in the International Business Machine review. So fuck off.

Jumbo Slice said...

It's true, I asked him to wait. Potsy's a nice guy so he helped me out. Thanks man.

Still laughing at the "Yeah, get in there" line...