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Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dirt, excerpt 6

(In honor of National Drugged and Drunk Driving Month, Rock Club will be running random excerpts of the Motley Crue autobiography The Dirt. Read more on our community-oriented campaign here.)

In this excerpt, Nikki Sixx describes the events leading up to his overdose, later detailed in the hit song "Kickstart My Heart":

I needed to go out on the scene to escape from my own decay and loneliness. I flipped through my phone book in search of old friends. I called Robbin Crosby [ed. note: Crosby, formerly of Ratt, died of AIDS in 2002], then Slash, because Guns N' Roses were going to open for us in America after the European tour. I picked up Robbin at his house in a silver limo I liked to rent and gave him some blow. On the way to the Franklin Plaza Hotel, where Guns N' Roses were staying because they were all homeless, I threw up all over the limo. I wiped the chunks off on an antique beaver-hair-covered top hat I had bought for Slash and gave it to him at his door along with a bottle of whiskey. Some of the guys in Megadeath were also staying at the hotel, so we all piled into the limo. Robbin scored some junk from his dealer, who wasn't too happy about the conspicuous limo in front of his house, and we did drugs until our minds went blank.
(Nikki Sixx, p 204)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like my senior prom.