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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Concert Preview: These United States

Set List for These United States

In my outstanding interview/review of Jukebox the Ghost (destined for the "Worst Post" Thorkelson Award) I opted not to mention These United States. Since I had to fend off ball massaging allegations my post was way too long. I didn't have time to give a good word on These United States. Jimbromski and I only saw half the songs they played but what we saw was quite good. Unfortunately, Potsy and Sacklunch missed the entire set because of the lines to get into the R&R Hotel.

It seems like each year Rock Club embraces a different local band. 2006 saw much love for Statehood and The Fake Accents while Georgie James received the most attention this year. Looking ahead, 2008 may be the year of These United States. Why? There are few bands that all four of us like. We can't agree on anything. Jimbromski and I disagree the most (see: Ghost, Jukebox the) yet we both liked These United States. Other reasons 2008 could be their year: the band already gets lots of internet love (the non-porn variety), tons of play on WOXY, and it has yet to even release an album. Speaking of which, their debut is due this March.

The plan is to catch These United States as they play with The Hackensaw Boys on Saturday night at the Black Cat. Hopefully, this time we won't be late.


Jimbromski said...

At this point I don't really give a shit if they put on a good show or not, I just want to have a few beers and hang out. December is a pain in the ass whatwith work and Xmas shopping. Time to relax, yo.

Anonymous said...

I hope this band gets really famous so I can say I heard all about them back in '07.

I'm not that into music, but I do LOVE to be ahead of the trend.

KCG said...

Super Zoe is always ahead of the trend. She was like the third person to use OxyClean detergent and cleanse her shiny locks with Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.

Potsy said...

I like how the pics of set lists have gained traction. I hope the same happens with the pic of concert tix. It will save Jimbromski and family some space. Who really needs ticketmaster stubs? Digital storage is where it's at.

KCG said...

How was this show? Did the wives like it?

sacklunch said...

These United States are now my new favorite among the local bands. I thoroughly enjoyed their set (and I think the wives did as well, although they mostly stayed in the back and discussed baby/pregnancy stuff...) We tried to score a CD, but apparently there were none left or something, you will fave to ask "fanboy" Jumboslice about that one.