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Friday, December 28, 2007

Waiting to E-mail

It will come as no surprise to those who know me that I am sitting in an airport waiting. My travels never go smoothly. I'm not sure what the delay is about this time, and knowing isn't going to get me back to DC any faster, so I haven't asked. At least I'm not flying to Philly. That flight just got cancelled due to a broken compass, and it was the last flight out tonight. My niece gave me a plastic compass for Christmas to help guide me as I snow shoe. Too bad I checked it in my luggage. It could have come in handy.

So while I've been waiting, I've had a chance to catch up a bit on what's been posted in the last week. I've been in rural Vermont without cell phone service and with only a drip-drip internet connection thanks to NetZero dial-up. Just as it should be, right? Relaxing in snowy Vermont with a fire going? But there was no Bob Newhart, and no Larry and his brothers Daryl creating situational comedies for me. Being alone with your parents, siblings, and their families while cut-off from the rest of your life is not really relaxing. Anyhow, while I've been waiting for this flight to return me back to our Nation's Capital, I've been looking ahead.

My week is coming up soon, so here is what I'm thinking. We've recently lauded the benefits of a good cover. So how about checking out a cover band? No. I'm not talking about Super Diamond, either. Seen them/him. A bit disappointing for a guy who grew up listening to the real deal (thanks mom). I'm referring to The Silver Beats. Perhaps Japan's greatest export since MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge). I know Jimbromski is a big Beatles fan. So am I. This could be fun, but could ruin our rep. Still, it's $15 at the 9:30 Club 1/11/08. If not, we got Little Pink at Iota on 1/10/08 (NOT a midget cover band of P!nk, unfortunately), and don't make me mention Jimmies Chicken Shack... Still don't like the Silver Beats option? We could watch Once instead and talk about our feelings after. Silver Beats sounding pretty good right about now, right? There isn't much going on this next week.

Also, looking ahead, I was talking with my uncle while home about music and he mentioned the Birchmere. We've not checked out the Birchmere yet for RC, and I started looking into it here in the airport. The problem with the Birchmere is that all their tix are over our limit. Another friend from home was suggesting we check out the Saw Doctors whenever they're in town. As it happens, they're coming to the Birchmere on March 5th (my week). Anyone up for some Irish folk rock? More seriously, super group ASIA is reuniting and playing the Birchmere on April 8, 2008. There's a good reason to check out the Birchmere...for $60/tix?


KCG said...

The Birchmere is a singer songwriter listening room, not a rock venue, which is a bigger problem than the ticket prices. They have tables and serve you nachos during the show ... not exactly an environment that encourages mosh pits or stage diving.

hemisphire said...

The Birchmere also has overpriced okay food. This is actually Asia's second time there in a year, I went to see them last year. They were pretty good, played all the hits as well as some songs from their other bands (Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Buggles). I probably wouldn't see them again, though.

Jimbromski said...

I'd see the Japanese Beatles.

Jumbo Slice said...

I'm up for the cover band as well. Can we make it official?