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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Next Up

My week, yo. I see Jumbo Slice put a link to the Imperial China show on 12/21 but I wanted to make sure we know what's out there for 12/15-12/21. Or, more accurately, 12/17-12/21.

And the answer is...absolutely fuck all. There's the Lemonheads on Dec. 19 at the Black Cat. I could be up for that.

Rufus Wainwright is at the 9:30 on 12/21 but: (1) it's $35, (2) it's the type of music you hear in Crate & Barrel, and (3) I am tenaciously clinging to what's left of my heterosexuality.

Maybe it's time for a visit to Jaxx for some metal. I know I've mentioned this before but every time I check out the Jaxx calendar I laugh at how indecipherable these metal band logos are. They're all Norse runes and shit and you can't read the band names. Try and guess the names of these bands:

(1) We'll start with the easiest first.

(2) This one's a little more difficult--Belfmegor? Belf Megor? Is that some dude's name?

(3) I'm completely stumped on this one

(answers in Comments)


Jimbromski said...

Okay, here's the answers:

(1) Born Osiris

(2) Belphegor. Belphegor is a demon who helps people to make discoveries. I guess that's like an evil Marilyn Vos Savant. Check out Wikipedia:


The band Belphegor is an "Austrian blackened death metal band". Oh man, we need to go to Jaxx sometime.

(3) Dead on Impact. They're from Frederick.

Steve said...

That's hilarious. I was actually on the Jaxx website the other day trying to figure out how many versions of L.A. Guns are coming through town soon (sadly, none).

Of all of the bands listed, my favorite band name of all was Abacabb (the infamous Goatwhore was #2).

Do you think these guys have any idea they named themselves after a Phil Collins-era Genesis album (with an extra B)?

Jumbo Slice said...

I posted the Imperial China show since I'm going to that show w/ Chanko. Wasn't sure if we'd schedule any more shows in 2007. I know there isn't jack for the final week of the year (my week).

If we can find a night that works for everyone, I'd be up for a night at Jaxx.

Anonymous said...

Jaxx is easy to find--right behind the Sunoco and the Afghan Kabob (formerly Pizza Hut.)

I recommend the two very special Ace Frehley shows on December 27th and 28th.

Jimbromski said...

Wow, Ace Frehley. Love it when the stars comment here. Still waiting for Ringo Starr and Elton John to comment on my T. Rex post.

BTW, Ace Frehley's band logo is crystal clear and simple to read.

Sacklunch and I know where Jaxx is, we used to hang out at that Rolling Rd McDonald's in high school.

Steve--I'm fairly sure that Abacabb read all my pro-Collins/singing drummer posts on here and named their band that as an homage.

Anonymous said...

That T. Rex post was top notch!

Anonymous said...

I live very far away, so I just dug out my POISON: GREATEST HITS CD and am listening to that to get into the spirit of this post. That's as metal as I go.

Anonymous said...

Screw Elton and Ringo. We're the next Beatles. Eff you!