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Thursday, May 31, 2007

King of the Jungle, My Ass

This vid is long (8:23) but worth it. It involves the following:

1--Dumb-assed group of Cape Buffalo stumbling onto some lions at a watering hole
2--Lion attack
3--A crocodile gets involved


4--Buffalo counterattack



Potsy said...

Very compelling video. It raises a few points in my mind.

1. It shows the value of gangs. I was impressed when the buffaloes returned with reinforcements. It was like a CGI scene from Star Wars III.

2. We need to bring a video camera with us on our RC Field Trip to CHI. Who knows what kind of trouble might get into and want to capture for posterity (or sale on the internet).

3. What does this post have to do with Rock? The earlier version had a sound track at least. This had no such musical connection. I liked the video, but question its place on our site.

sacklunch said...

I have to agree with Potsy. There is no Rock in this post. It should be removed. Please replace it with the Huey Lewis scene from American Psycho.

Jimbromski said...

Neither of you ever put anything up, which is why I need to fill the gaps between shows with top-notch material like this.

These criticisms would be more meaningful if they came from Jumbo Slice, but since they're from you two slackers, I am disregarding.