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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Concert Preview: Gist with Verbal at Iota

We first saw Gist when they opened for Travis Morrison at Iota. They put on a dynamic live performance. The songs had a surging intensity that grabbed the audience. Their last album, Diesel City, had a number of quality tracks ranging from post-punk to heavier, almost grunge like rock. I'm not a fan of classic rock, but I do like classic alternative rock (whatever the hell that means). I'm partial to bands that draw from the likes of Superchunk, the Pixies, and Mission of Burma.

This show also marks the return of Verbal, one of my favorite local bands. They called it quits and headed their separate ways at the end of last year. I guess this could be called a reunion show. Who knows. I just know that I always keep a few of their songs on my shuffle for when I go running. Their pulsing and driving instrumental rock (hence the name Verbal, get it? It's called irony bitches) keeps my fat ass moving.


Anonymous said...

I like that poster! Anything with accessories prominently feaetured gets my vote.

Jimbromski said...

That is a pretty good looking poster.