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Friday, December 07, 2007

Concert Preview: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Kristeen Young, and Partyline

Tomorrow night we're off to the 9:30 to see Ted Leo. I used to like Ted Leo a lot more than I do now, but after seeing him three times already the novelty has worn off. The banter, the political lectures, the lame jokes...I could do without. The man does write good songs, though. The shows are always high energy and I must admit he has a little charisma. Jumbo Slice has man-love for him, it's pathetic, really.

Here's a video of my favorite Ted Leo song ("Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone"):

Opening up for Mr. Leo is Kristeen Young. I know nothing about her but I read that she got fired from her opening slot on this year's Morrissey tour. Quoth the ever-reliable Wikipedia, "After an audience member called out for Morrissey during her set, she said, 'Morrissey gives great head...I mean cunnilingus.' She has since issued an apology, explaining that the statement was part of her performance and not meant as an insult." I guess it doesn't take much for Morrissey to fire you. "Sorry, Mr. Morrissey, I thought you wanted a chai, not a latte...no, I wasn't aware you're lactose intolerant...I'm...fired?" Anyway, I'm curious to hear what she sounds like.

Sorry Partyline, I've never heard of you, and if the pattern holds, we won't get to the 9:30 in time to hear your set. So piss off.

I'll be eager to get out on Saturday. Mrs. Jimbromski is out of town on business, she left this morning and won't return until Saturday afternoon. So that means I got four month-old Jimbromski Jr. to myself for the first time. I'm going to take him to Borders in Silver Spring tonight and linger around the self-help section and see if hot women will talk to me. Here's my line: my wife passed away from lupus and now I'm raising him all by myself. Maybe I'll say that she was unfaithful to me and got the lupus from her illicit lover. Don't know, I'm still running it through the focus group. If the chick is smart enough to know that lupus isn't an STD then I probably don't want anything to do with her anyway. I'll report back on Sunday.

Lace up the skates, son, you're going in


Jimbromski said...

I took the trouble to look at Partyline's MySpace. Not too bad, three punk rock girls from DC. So two out of the three bands tonight are local.

So Partyline, do not piss off. Altho my original comment still stands, we'll probably be sitting around Potsy's place drinking beer while you're doing your set. I expect you'll carry on regardless.

Here's the link:


Jumbo, who's Ris Paul Ric?

Jumbo Slice said...

Partyline is a lot of fun. They put on one of the best shows I ever saw at Fort Reno. The music isn't bad and the lead singer is a trip.

Ris Paul Ric is one of the other dudes in Q and Not U. One guy formed Georgie James while Chris Richards went solo. He does more of a dance, DJ, funk thing. Just as w/ Georgie James, it's not as good as Q and Not U.

Jimbromski said...

9:30 website doesn't show Ris Paul Ric playing tonight. Is he playing?

I checked out his myspace, that's not too bad either, but it was only two songs.

Potsy said...

I guess I'll have less to offer in my review of tomorrow night's show. I've been poached. Taking some of the fun out of this for me.

Jimbromski said...

Well, maybe something will happen that you can write about. Like a live concert, for instance.

Potsy said...

Scooped. Maybe that's a better word... Anyway. Yeah, I hope there's a concert to review. I can chronicle that it began, continued, and ended.

Jimbromski said...

Just use that template I provided:

"[BAND] was FANTASTIC OMG I love them !!! so much please let's have babies with EACH OTHER"

Repeat as necessary for each act and make sure to include ODD capitalization in INAPPROPRIATE parts of the sentence. Forget everything you learned about punctuation, grammar and spelling.

Jumbo Slice said...

Also, please note the proper spelling is the "9:30 Klub".

Partyline is the opener tonight and then Ris Paul Ric opens tomorrow.

Did you see they are having a battle of the bands at the the 9:30 Club? I'd love to see that. The unintentional comedy of a Battle of the Bands is tough to beat.

Jimbromski said...

Oh yeah, two nights. I get it. So Potsy, you now have an opportunity to preview Ris Paul Ric. Yay!

Battle of the Bands, that would be good if they actually gave everyone weapons and let them do it gladiator style.

Jumbo Slice said...

I'm picturing you and the boy home alone - pantsless, reaking of beer, covered in bits of Jimmy Dean sausage (your breakfast, lunch, and dinner).