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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Roofwalkers at Galaxy Hut

Rock Club had a chance to see Roofwalkers when they played with Georgie James last month. Not surprisingly we arrived after their set had finished. When I saw they were playing at Galaxy Hut, I listened to a few songs and was quickly convinced to check them out.

Opening for Roofwalkers was Sad Crocodile, who plays depressing songs with lyrics that alternate between amusing and slightly disturbing. The singer mused about never having an Asian girlfriend (but he's willing to give it a try) on one song and wanting to cut someone on another. Lyrics aside all the songs were heartfelt and I enjoyed the set despite everyone talking while they played.

Roofwalkers used to be called Pagoda. Why the name change? No idea. Speaking of names, the drummer is named Elmer Sharp. It's a given a band will be good when someone named Elmer is manning the drum kit. Elmer and his four band mates have quite a mix of sounds. The whispered vocals and drums played with brushes reminded me of Cowboy Junkies (if Margo Timmons was a guy). Their heavier songs had a psychedelic sound not unlike the Black Angels. Throw in some of Caribou's mysterious and compelling tunes and you get a sense of what Roofwalkers is like. The music doesn't grab you right away. Rather it grows on you more with each listen. I know that's a shitty and cliché description but it's true.

I enjoyed Roofwalkers more than any band we've seen over the last four or five weeks. That list inclues The Hold Steady, Art Brut, Georgie James, Jukebox The Ghost, and even my beloved Ted Leo. Over that stretch the only other group on par with Roofwalkers were These United States.

Rock Club Rating: 7.5


Potsy said...

Yeah, of course you thought it was the best show in recent memory. None of us were there to be able to challenge your ass-kissing. Please place an asterisk next to this one. Did the hoarder-lament lyric strike a cord with you, Jumboslice?

Steve said...

I'm guessing they changed their names from Pagoda due to theseguys (actor Michael Pitt's band).

Jumbo Slice said...

Don't be such a Potsy.

Seriously, why all the negativity lately? That's why we have Jimbromski. We should catch another one of their shows. I bet you'll like their stuff too.

Yes, I was amused by the hoarder lyrics. There was an Asian girl in back who looked mortified throughout the song.

Anonymous said...

Every time there is a photo of a band or musician you have seen, I think, "those guys are so South Austin." Since there is an aesthetic sameness to the bands' appearances, does that mean that they are the mainstream musical look of the future, or merely that somewhere amongst all of your fave bands that someone is the Clay Aiken/Kanye West/Black-Eyed Peas of the indie world?!

(Of course, I threw in Clay Aiken just to be irritating. I meant Kelly Clarkson.)

Jumbo Slice said...

Yeah, indie bands tend to be thin, white, and beardy.