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Sunday, January 13, 2008


Blonde Redhead (9:30 Club, 01/16/08)

We're going to see Blonde Redhead at the 9:30 on Wednesday.

This band draws a better sort of spectator than your average show. This is a New York City band, from Manhattan, not Brooklyn. You'd hear their songs in an upscale shoe proprietor's in Soho.

The lead singer of Blonde Redhead is an Asian female. Jumbo Slice told me that a guy who's into Asian chicks is called a "hoarder," which sounds plausible enough, but then again I've never heard the term come up in non-Rock Club conversation.

Jumbo Slice also told me that there are people called "handlers." These people have other people poo in shoebox and then shape it with their bare hands. This new word sounds even less plausible to me than "hoarder." If there were such people, wouldn't Match.com already have a category for them? And yet they don't, so, ipso facto, Jumbo lied to me. He must think I'm some sort of special needs guy who can be fed disinformation that I'll later dutifully spread.

This is Blonde Redhead's single, "23." I like the girl's voice. These guys are art school-types so you know what sort of cool you're getting.


Jumbo Slice said...

An old co-worker told me Neil Diamond was a handler. I didn't even know what the term meant. Ugh. It's so gross. Why are you writing about that? Wasn't the Bristol scale enough?

The hoarder term came from a book that my wife read. I don't think it's very commonly used.

I've never got into Blonde Redhead. I need to go back and listen to a few albums before this show.

Jimbromski said...

Yeah, I should have mentioned that about Neil Diamond, that's pertinent.

These guys sound like Lush, you remember them?

Anonymous said...

When did this become a poop site?!

I love Blonde Redhead. Well, not really LOVE, but I have a CD and I have heard of them. Plus, I am a blonde redhead, so there's that.
I was going to hear them at ACL but it was too hot outside. So I guess I am not that big of a fan.

KCG said...

Before any of your new readers from yesterday's DC Rock Club media blitz decide your "hoarder" comment is a signal of racist or misogynist tendencies - Jumbo Slice is married to an Asian woman, and he sometimes jokingly refers to himself as a hoarder. Let's hope he isn't a handler.

I'm glad to see fame hasn't forced you guys to sell out and tame it down any. Poop, bugs and insults still abound here at DC Rock Club. Long live rock.

Anonymous said...

Wow--I went back and looked at Neil Diamond and his lyrics make a lot more sense now that I know he's a "handler."

From Sweet Caroline:

Warm, touchin' warm
Reachin' out
Handlin' me
Handlin' you

Sweet Caroline
Good times never seemed so good
I've been inclined
To believe they never would
Oh, no, no

Jimbromski said...

It all makes sense now

Anonymous said...

Stay classy Rock Club.

Anonymous said...

In my expert medical opinion as a doctor who graduated first in his class at Harvard Medical School, I would say you would have to have material that is between a 1 and a 4 on the Bristol scale for a person to be an effective handler.