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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Who Wants To Be A Hero?

Indie rocker arrested for beating up his girlfriend.

No, really. Martin Crandall, keyboardist for the Shins, engaged in fisticuffs with his girlfriend, who was a finalist on America's Next Top Model.

This is topical because in our latest Thorkelson Awards post I rated the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club show as one of the worst of 2007. One of the reasons I did so is because after we left the 9:30 Club (early, I might add--that show was so long I wondered if I had accidentally stumbled into a Grateful Dead concert) we saw some dude pushing around some chick, with some other girl trying to separate them.

Not a good scene. None of us jumped in. It looked like a classic pimp/ho confrontation and everyone knows you don't get in the middle of one of those. That's why we have a police force. Besides, 7-11 was like, one block away, and there's always the equivalent of an entire MPD district in there, so let them handle it.

But even cops don't like to answer domestic violence calls (not that this was domestic, unless the three of them lived in their car, which was parked nearby). More often than not they end up flat on their asses, shot in the chest by some nutter husband. And usually they bite it only days before they retire, which ends up scarring their partner.

Okay, let's take care of this domestic dispute call, and then we'll head to your retirement party.

So we did the right thing. It reminds me of the time we all saw that old lady get jumped by a guy, and we were about to pile in, until I said, hey wait, maybe the old lady disrespected him.

But Marty Crandall? I'd definitely jump in and give that guy a beating. I wish more indie guys did this kind of thing, it'd be a good excuse to hit them in the face and be a big hero for doing so. Also, his victim is hot, and that sadly makes a difference.

Crandall, that tree disguise won't save you from an RC beatdown


Jumbo Slice said...

Boo to the Shins dude. There's simply no excuse for that.

That scene outside of the 9:30 Club that night was pretty disturbing. They both started yelling and hitting each other. I just stood there unsure of what to do. Then two seconds later we're helping a seriously drunk woman who had fallen down. I kept thinking, "where are her friends"? You don't let someone that drunk go home alone.

Jimbromski said...

Yeah, the 1-2 of that plus the drunk girl was demoralizing. She totally bit it right in front of me and I helped her up and offered to put her in a cab. She was just like, drool, and staggered off.

I wouldn't be surprised if the pimp followed her and whupped her ass after he finished with his first project.

Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed with you boys. I thought part of the Rock Club charter was that you would fight crime. Another one of my naive illusions crushed.

Jimbromski said...

Just certain crimes. Like embezzlement, we fight that hard.