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Monday, January 07, 2008

Cris Collinsworth is a dirty mo-fo

Following the "Dirt" excerpts, I feel like I have to mention a minor bit of commentary that we enjoyed this weekend. I've been waiting for Jimbromski to post a clip from Saturday's Redskins game but he hasn't done it yet. I'm hoping he does, because describing it doesn't do it justice, but I'll try anyhow. Oh, wait. I found it... Nevermind Jimbromski, here it is... even better...

Nothing was said after that for quite a bit of time, and I have to think that everyone involved, all the guys in the booth, were doing the same thing we were, laughing our asses off. Oh sorry, LOAO.

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Jimbromski said...

I checked the internet last night after you guys left and saw someone had already posted this, which absolved me of the responsibility of re-watching the second quarter.