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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kate Nash

There's a nice write-up in the nearly always informative Stereogum about Kate Nash's show at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night.

I'm quirky, yeahhh!

A couple of weeks ago I expanded my female-impregnating Estrogen & Tonic mix into a box set. No foolin', I turned one CD into four. Then I put them into our six disc changer in the CRV, which my wife drives. Soon she'll be pregnant with octuplets.

I put a couple of Kate Nash tunes that I heard on there because I knew she'd love that shit. In spite of my obvious high testosterone and manliness I am in fact very sensitive. I grew up in a house full of girls and my dad was always away on maneuvers so I spent a lot of time listening to the girls and their neverending problems. I read every Judy Blume book. I can deal with every female hot button issue as a result. You got the scoliosis? Deenie. Fat? Check out Blubber. Moving to Tarrytown NY, like my big sister? Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great. Nazis offed your grandparents? Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself. Got your monthly bill? Well of course, Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret? is the cure. Want to lose your virginity? I can either put you in touch with Potsy, or you can borrow my heavily dogeared and highlighted copy of Forever.

Here's the video for Ms. Nash's "Foundations." She's--surprise surprise--complaining about a boyfriend. Good song nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

I love Judy Blume books! If Kate Nash is her musical equivalent, then I will check her out and hope I don't get pregnant.

Anonymous said...

I think Motley Crue is more the musical equivalent of Judy Blume. didn't they nail a kid's ear to a desk in "Tales of a Fouth Grade Nothing"?

Jimbromski said...

"Superfudge" is a prison term for a punk renowned for his anal skills. That came straight out of Blume.

Jimbromski said...

In all seriousness I don't think there's many chicks out there who will be able to resist the Kate Nash sound. You heard it here first (or more likely, tenth, or most likely, you never heard it here because you don't read this website).