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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Concert Preview: Super Furry Animals w Fiery Furnaces and Holy Fuck

Big show tomorrow night at the 9:30 Club--Super Furry Animals with Fiery Furnaces and Holy Fuck. A three-fer. Let's go through this band-by-band.

Super Furry Animals: Welsh superstars. I've seen this band twice and they've brought the ruckus each time. Here's the video for of one of my favorites, "Golden Retriever." The band usually dons these Wookie costumes for the encore:

Fun facts about Wales:

  • Citizens of Wales are not fish, but are actually considered mammals, due to their ability to breathe on land and the soft layer of fur on their bodies
  • King Harold IV of England banned all vowels from the Welsh language in 1239
  • The typical Welsh diet consists of turnips washed down by a cup of sawdust

Fiery Furnaces: brother-and-sister duo from Chicago. They write great songs but, as a friend of mine once said, I can't respect a dude who's that close to his sister. I mean, really. That said, I like this band a lot and am looking forward to seeing them. They have an unfortunate tendency to "rework" their songs live, sort of like when a black dude sings the National Anthem and reinterprets it to the point where it sounds like "Trapped In The Closet."

Also, band member Eleanor Friedberger looks like Leslie from Seinfeld, from the episode where Jerry tried to steal cable. Elaine is holding a baby shower for Leslie at Jerry's apartment and George tries to infiltrate the shower so he can scream at Leslie for "the worst date of his life." She ends up smashing a piece of chocolate cake on George's shirt. I couldn't find a pic of Leslie but here's a summary of the episode that I'm sure will jog your memory.

This is "Single Again," from EP (2005).

Holy Fuck: what more can be said about Holy Fuck, except "Holy Fuck is right. OMG LOL!!1!1111!!one!!" Here's their website. The band picture amused me.


KCG said...

"turnips washed down by a cup of sawdust" is a Rock Club classic line. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a complete episode of SEINFELD but I have to respect a woman that attempts to make it in the music business with a moniker like "Eleanor Friedberger." Rock on, Grandma!