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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lindsay Lohan once played a punk rock girl in a (crap) band

Okay, so I'm a bit wasted after the unbelievable Telographs concert. I'm sure Sacklunch is anxious to write about it, but I have to ask about this Lindsay Lohan thing. So she had a swig of champagne on NYE and got filmed enjoying it, and this was somehow in violation of her probation...? Here's what I found out about her situation. From BBC website:

The actress admitted to having a drink and drugs problem in August 2007 and spent time receiving treatment.

She spent 84 minutes of a one-day term in jail last November after admitting to drink driving and possession of cocaine.

The star was also put on three years probation and ordered to complete an 18 month alcohol education program.

The girl spent an hour and a half in jail for cocaine possession. I'm pretty sure that my one spell in detention in high school lasted longer than that, and I didn't possess any coke, that's for sure. No wonder she had some champagne at New Year's. So far, the rules haven't applied to her.

Can I share with you Nicky's opinion from reviews of the Freaky Friday Soundtrack?

4 stars
by nicky_park on 8/12/2003
favorite track: 14

I love the song "Just Let Me Cry" by Ashlee Simpson! (she's Jessica Simpson's sister). I also love "Ultimate" by Lindsay Lohan. She is a really good singer!

I think things are only going to get worse from here.


Jimbromski said...

"Freaky Friday" is a good movie. So was "Mean Girls". Also "The Parent Trap." And don't step to me with any of this "...but the originals were better, Jimbromski." Lohan was cute as a button.

I like movies where people do the switcheroo with each other. A month or two ago I sat down and watched "Like Father Like Son," starring Kirk Cameron and Dudley Moore.

I'll also pretty much watch any movie involving time travel.

Anonymous said...

i don't see why they shouldn't do a sequel to the original picking up with the father and son switching. Lil' Lohan can play the coked up aunt.