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Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm huge overseas

For some reason some American bands have a bigger rep in the UK than they do in their home country. The Dandy Warhols had a good level of success in the US but they play those giant outdoor festivals in England. Same with Beth Ditto and The Gossip. Here they play the Black Cat, but over in Albion Ditto's jumbo-sized ass is all over the music magazines and she's the subject of a number of fawning articles and interviews. 1990s has-beens Fun Lovin' Criminals, who carved out a place in young Potsy's heart, can still pack a venue in London.

So sometimes the disparity in attention makes sense, and other times it does not. Eurosnobs and self-loathing Americans no doubt ascribe this to our inability to recognize genius in our midst. Maybe, but something tells me the Fun Lovin's Criminals have reached exactly the appropriate level of popularity in the United States that their talent merits. Anyway, the argument would hold more weight if the UK weren't constantly foisting "the next Beatles" upon us, along with such shit as Wet Wet Wet, Johnny Hates Jazz, the Spice Girls, and such.

Lately I've noticed a lot more coverage of The Black Lips in the Guardian newspaper. This weekend they ran an interview with the band that I thought was a good read. These guys at times seem borderline retarded but both their music and their words have a charming simplicity about them. Any band that hates hippies can't be all bad.

Read the interview here: link

Here's the song "Bad Kids", from their latest album (Good Bad Not Evil). Let's hope these guys resist the siren song of living large amongst our snaggle-toothed cousins and return to America pronto.


Jimbromski said...

About that song I posted, when I first heard it I thought they were saying "Faggots, all my friends are faggots..."

Obviously, hearing the song title cleared up my confusion.

Anonymous said...

No hating on the Spice Girls, man. Don't make me get really, really, really ziggah-zig-ah on you.

Jimbromski said...

Yeah, Spice Girls weren't that bad, prob about the same level as Bananarama. I was in a hurry and picked an easy target, shame on me.

I will say that every time I visit Engerland listening to the radio is an ordeal. There's so many good bands there but like the US none of them get any airtime. I've only been over a few times so maybe it's different now but the times I went it was awful, just lame R&B/hip hop knock offs.

Anonymous said...

I was stunned by the horrid radio in the UK, also. That is what happened when you let the government interfere with the music. Viva la music!

And Bananarama is great! I love them. They're like the Brit version of The Bangles.