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Monday, January 14, 2008


Goldfrapp has a new single out: "A&E".

Alison Goldfrapp is at her best when she's all glammed-up and showing off. This single makes it sound like she's grown up and matured, which is nice, but which makes for a shit song. Grow up and mature on your own time, woman. This sounds like Stevie Nicks, or Wilson Phillips (Nick Phillips?).

Here's the video. I predict this song will make it to Malitz's Two-Minute Man feature on PostRock very soon.

Compare and contrast "A&E" to Goldfrapp at her best--this is "Ride a White Horse," from 2006:

I guess you can debate whether something like Goldfrapp is really "rock" at all but honestly I'd rather listen to this than the Hold Steady. Goldfrapp is what Weimar would have sounded like, if there had been synthesizers in the 1920s.


Jumbo Slice said...

If that song comes on when Dave is driving, he might intentionally crash just to make the song stop.

Personally, I'd rather listen to the Hold Steady. That White Horse song and video is pretty wierd. I enjoyed her work w/ Tricky though.

Jimbromski said...

Goldfrapp stuff sometimes gets a little too gay aerobics disco for me but overall I like them.

Note that I am making the distinction between Goldfrapp the Band and Alison Goldfrapp the Person.

Trying to avoid one of those embarrassing "Led Zeppelin? Yeah, he's good"-type situations.

KCG said...

What the @#$%@#??

I thought you guys were hard core? This post should have started with "OMG!" in a pink font with an ad for a man-on-man dating service.

Seriously, you guys are famous now. You can't be endorsing the likes of WHAM! and Sporty Spice. This Goldfrapp chick looks like Kate Hudson in a Kylie Minogue video.

Oi vei.

Jimbromski said...

yeah, I should have watched that video all the way through before I posted it, I didn't realize there were dudes in tighty whiteys dancing around.

Anonymous said...

Jimbromski--I thought you posted it because you wanted to talk about frapping (spelled "frap" when you go to urban dictionary.)

Jimbromski said...

I thought that was a "turkey slap"

Anonymous said...

One man's turkey slap is another man's frap, I always say!

jaytingle said...

Thank you for calling bullshit on the Hold Steady.